Tips On How To Make A Guy’s Heart Melt

a man with a paper heart in hands nd a woman looking flirty at him

Ever wondered why some girls get their dream guy and it seems like you are trying to hard? It’s simply because they know how to bring them to their knees when they come close that they don’t want to think of going back. With these tips you would know how to make his heart melt by naturally sweep them off their feet, they won’t know what hit them.

For some people these tips come natural, for others they are raised differently and they have to incorporate them or learn them to see guys melting when they come close. Here are what makes a guy’s heart melts.

What Makes Guy’s Heart Melt

Smile a lot: You would be amazed what a smile can do, a smile means:

  • You can easily come in: Smiles are always inviting and just by smiling to a guy, you are making him feel acceptable and warm. He feels like you are listening to him and agreeing to what he is saying; even if you were not. He feels important. Furthermore, a smile makes you look more beautiful, much more approachable and desirable.
a man looking flirty at a woman with blonde hair
  • It increases your sex appeal and spikes up the attraction: Smiling really influences how a guy responds to you. Because it lights up your eyes and gets you feeling and looking you at that moment, you can easily pass of sexually appealing signals.
  • It also takes a guy’s attention off any other thing: like the observation of your clothing, shoes or environment to simply looking at you and trying to listen to you.

Talk low: Coming off with a very loud or bass voice can seem very masculine. You don’t want to put a guy off or make him take a few steps back because of the way you sounded. Talking low creates an ambiance of relaxation and calm that creeps in sexy attention.

Try talking in low tones and also not so fast, he could even build a habit of just waiting to listen to you when he is pressured. A lower talk tone is also casual and so is more inviting and makes the speaker at the other end feel more comfortable with the conversation, especially when they are of the opposite sex.

Laugh a lot: You can laugh a lot but not too much to raise concern, if you know what we mean. The laughter is not supposed to take away your nervousness if there is, but if you just trying to have a nice time. What makes a guys heart melt good is when you are been you, the happy you.

couple in cafe hugging and laughing

Light makeup: Makeup is good so you don’t look too tired or dull. However, makeup should be light. Try to avoid heavy powders making you look like you are putting too much effort. When he feels like “She is beautiful without so much on” Generally heavy makeup do not also hide “ugliness” (no one is ugly.) Lighter makeup would also make you act less edgy and much freer during your time together.

Be yourself: Being yourself can actually be a side keep for guys, it’s not just about being independent and too strong, is making a blend of both, because whether we like it or not. Women have a feministic part and yet they can be strong and independent. A perfect mesh of these two comes when you are yourself and not try so hard to be on the other side. His heart would melt before your simplicity and freedom.

smiling couple on grass

Dress ladylike: It’s quite difficult getting a guy’s heart to melt when you don’t look like a lady. Where simple gowns and dress with sandals and simple shoes that accentuate your ankles and curves. Let your femininity flow out of you just at first glance. Just by looking at you his heart would melt like ice cream under heat. He would already begin to imagine things.

Flow with the talk: you don’t have to be too much in the conversation for it to look like you are dominating it. Just flow and make comments when necessary, let it be that you are enjoying it and you are not a commentator that must make valid points all the time. It might seem that you are making valid points, but your points might be falling off through the other door.

a man hugging tenderly a woman

Let your hair down: over 70% of guys affirm that the love when women drop down their hair. Yes, let down those gorgeous locks; they are your natural pride. Whether black, blonde, red, Auburn and others; let it touch your shoulders. We can say in summary, that learning to “let our hair down” is how make his heart melt.

Certainly, if you want a guy to melt for you, then you must be interested in him. Wearing your best self is always the way to go. You can never be too much of it, and then add a little priming touch all over like your hair dress; conversation flow and you are up for it.



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