Tips on How You Can Make Him Open Up His Feelings

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Between both sexes, men and women are very different. But the most starking difference lies in the way they communicate with each other. If you have a boyfriend or a spouse, then you might have felt it was extremely difficult to make him open up emotionally.

The truth is, this is because our society has not been kind to men either. Men have always been expected to be strong, to impose a sense of security, strength, and toughness. This makes it hard for men to open up because that is seen as a sign of weakness.

Another reason why men tend to not open up is that unlike women who share their problems in able to get a solution when men share his problem then it would also mean that he is undermining his capability in handling that matter.

Tips on How to Get a Guy Express His Feelings

1. Set the example

One of the simplest things that you can do in order to make a man open up is by setting the example. This means that you need to open up first. By being upfront and open to him, then you are also inevitably signaling that you are comfortable with him being around. By sharing your issues, your partner is more likely going to share theirs as well.

2. Reaction

If you would like to get a guy to say what he feels about you, or to get him to express his feelings, then you need to control your reaction as well.

One thing that you should remember is that men hate to feel like they have let you down. This means, that you need to be careful with your words. If you would like to get him to open up, you are able to share your feelings without making him feel like he is responsible.

The best way to do this is to state your current state of emotions. If you express your problems out loud, then your partner may think that he has caused you to feel that – although it is true – thus guilting him. Men will always pull away when if they feel guilty of something.

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3. Body language

One of the most important pieces of advice when it comes to wanting a man to open up is by looking at his body language. Although men do not necessarily like to be close to someone and overshare, their body language will always speak for themselves.

A withdrawn man is a tense man. If a man is moody and tense, it is best for you to leave them alone.

It does not matter whether you are trying to be understanding, or you are trying to show that you are standing with them and are ready to give them a helping hand, the best way to handle this situation is by giving them some space. You are more likely to get through him when he is relaxed and when he is at ease.

4. Praise

Another way that you can do to encourage a man to open up about his feelings is by praising him. Men are very vulnerable to their egos. They need to feel like they have done a good job. If you want to encourage a man to open up, then the best way to do this is to give them praise especially if they have done something that pleases you.

This could be as simple as them remembering your anniversary, them bringing your favorite cake to work.

5. Ease it through

You have to remember that men are not used to describing their feeling, unlike women. If you ask a man a point of black question about his feeling, he might not want to answer it.

Instead of that, you can simply use the term “I’m here to listen”. If your spouse or boyfriend is ready to talk about it, then he will. The reason why this phrase is very effective because it signals that you are ready to listen to his problems.

Another additional tip that you need to do is once he has open up, then you need to ensure that you are not judging him. Put you in his shoes and support him without making him feel that you are judging him.

You can also talk about his hobby or anything that he likes to ease him into the conversation. This way, you will be able to bridge the subject. You need to know when you utter the phrase “let’s talk”, your husband or boyfriend will sense something that is off. Now once this reaction is activated, you are more likely going to meet the defensive mode.

A casual talk will also make it seemed like it is less than an interrogation. One thing that you should know that men hate the feeling of them being interrogated. That makes them like there is no sense of trust that you put on them.

There are many other ways that can make a guy open up to you. The most essential tip that you need to know is that in order to have them open up about their feelings, then you need to get them into a relax mode.

You need to understand that the reason that it is difficult for a man to open up is because of the pressure of society. In the end, a man is a human being that feels the emotion as well. As a woman, you might felt that your spouse or partner does not care about you because they are not opening up. The truth is, maybe they are just trying to focus on the solution and that has nothing to do with what they are feeling towards you.


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