Type of Guys You Can Attract

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In relationships, the law of magnetism that says unlike poles attract does not apply. More often than not, you will attract guys with similar traits as yours. The people you hang you with and the places you visit will play a big role in the type of guy you attract. Choose wisely for your company.

You may have many weird exes. Breaking up with them may have been brought about by their behaviors, or your inability to cope with them. If this trend is not changing, call your being on an urgent personal meeting. With a pen and paper, ask yourself crucial questions like “what type of guy do I attract?”, “where do I find these guys?”, and “what type of company do I keep?” These and many more questions will help you establish how you attract the guys. It might help you maintain or improve in your behavior, or if you need a complete overhaul of your character.

Types of Guys And How You Attract Them

The emotionally detached

This guy will claim to love you, but he will not make an effort to show affection. He will not show up at your important function. He is never sure if he wants to be with you or not, yet he doesn’t want to let you go. Dating him will crush your esteem. You will feel unwanted and unworthy. It might lead to depression. With him you do not have a support system, you are on your own emotions. But how exactly did you attract this guy? It is a question that would linger in your mind when you find yourself with this type of guy.

Generally, guys are observant. There is a trait in you they saw and decided to utilize it. You believe it too quickly. You do not take time to discern the truth of any information. You take any piece of information as the truth, therefore they are confident that their lies and deception will work perfectly on you.

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This guy will initially treat you like a queen. He will make you feel like Juliet. He will pamper you with so much love while detaching you from your friends and relatives. Your life will be just about you and him. Now when you are about to get comfortable in your little heaven on earth, then boom! Hell breaks loose. The tiger unleashes its claws, it wants to devour you. But where will you run to? You have no friends nor family. At this point, he will be making unnecessary and abnormal demands. His selfishness will be displayed. Unnecessary criticism will follow.

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In most cases, narcissists attract each other. If you claim to love yourself so much, give yourself undeserved self-gratification, perfectionist and arrogant, then you might be in your way to attracting your fellow narcissist.

The ‘Gamaphobic’ guy

As the name suggests, this guy has a phobia for commitments. He never holds on to a relationship for long. He is past the ‘ideal age’ for marriage. He always has an excuse as to why he is single. This guy has his favorite prey. If you display some desperation or hopelessness if you need some emotional rescue, then this guy is coming for you, he is in the way.

The Parasite

This is the type of guy who will get into your life for all sorts of favors. He will not shy away from extorting money from you. He will not have respect for you. He knows you can’t leave him. Generally, this guy is attracted by a lady with low self-esteem, insecure and lonely. Beware of them, he can run your pockets dry.

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Mr. Pushover

This is the complete opposite of a narcissist. His self-esteem is below sea level. He will never argue or disagree with you. Though he might love you, he has no choice but shut up. This guy may be in your life simply because you pushed away all the other types of guys. You are a control freak, you want to make the final decisions about the relationship. You can never escape this kind of guy if you possess such traits.

Mr. Commited

A huge number of ladies find themselves in the sleeves of committed men who are either in serious relationships or are married. If you are perennially in this kind of a relationship, then you need to fix yourself. In most cases, married men will not leave their marriages for the concubines they are dating. A certain type of character in ladies will make them attract this kind of man. Lack of self-esteem and self-love will push you in the hands of committed men. This would mean your relationship will be short lived. If you are lucky enough, you will end up as a second wife.

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From the above points, we can observe that for any kind of person to enter your life, there are personal contributions without it. How you associate with people and how you present yourself will have a direct correlation with people interested in you. Build a strong positive character in order to get the right people in your life.

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