What Every Guy Wants in Bed – Even if He Doesn’t Tell

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Maybe you wouldn’t think it would be positive if you rustle up with one of them. Although there are exceptions, most of the guys are not famous for giving a voice to a woman in the form of emotions and wishes, and it has no difference in bed. Although occasionally refer to things with a movement or a half sentence, a large proportion of their thoughts are still covered by dense obscurity for women. None is complicated, and if you are more restrained, it is not too much. Surprise your partner with one of these missions, and he will be wowed that you have skills of mind-reading.

Tips for Women to Please Your Man in Bed

Be dominant sometimes!
Of course, you don’t have to get a leather leash and a whip that to be like this. It is enough to be gently but definitely to dictate what to do and how to do it in bed. It is almost certain that your boy will love this, but be sure to follow his reactions from the beginning and not overdo it.

The power of words
The nasty and sex-related words get up a lot of guys. However, it is important not to comment on everything, do not talk too much or too much in medical terms, because you can have the opposite effect. Just drop words sometimes. If you don’t want to say very ugly, you don’t have to, even cheeky words are enough, and may be effective.

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Suggest new things!
Every guy’s dream is an intelligent girlfriend or wife, with who sex cannot become routine. So use your imagination and voice your ideas and wishes. For both of you, it can be a much greater experience of being together if you find new things and realize it in the bed.

Surprise your guy!
The classic, hot lingerie surprise is a superb idea, but you can surprise your guy in a different way. For example, in a totally unexpected place and time, even in the middle of the kitchen or on the stairs leading upstairs, let him know what you want to do with him and release him from his clothes. In a moment you can take him off his leg.

Let him watch you!
A lot of women make the mistake of hiding in bed with their partner in the dark, while the visual experience is very important for men. Of course, there is no need for a strong lamplight, and some candles can have good light. However, if you are braver, a large mirror can make your companionship very exciting for both of you.

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After sex, men prefer to rest and sleep. This can be said to be general, so don’t be angry with your partner if he falls asleep when you prefer to talk overnight. In addition to sleeping, the snack is also a good choice. A well-composed sandwich would all be very pleased after sex, even if they didn’t say so.

Beyond the penis
As you like, if someone is pampering your erogenous zones, men do not only have one part of their body in sex. If you are lucky he will tell what he wants, but only a small percentage of the guys do it. They are afraid, if they speak, you will think that you are doing something wrong, but of course, you shouldn’t be offended. Go on “a discovery journey” and feel free to ask your partner what he really enjoys!

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Ask about his fantasies!
Men are fantasizing. And they would like to share this with you, but they are afraid of your reaction. Talk about it and if you don’t mind, implement it in practice.

What makes you to be good in bed?
The “good in bed” is equal to someone that the other’s dominion over the bedroom, but for others, it is true that the guy can gently make love to her. There’s no accounting for taste- – as the old ones would say.

Then you’re really good in bed …
If you show how much you enjoy sex. Not everybody has to scream at his throat, “Yeah, it’s good!” but the more you turn off your brain and focus on yourself, the more fun you will have. And your orgasm increases your boyfriend’s ego, so don’t save it!

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Love and enjoy sex!
This is important because of the former. You may be in such a situation that it is a lot of “work”, you have to work a lot to relax, to undress your inhibitions and complexes, but believe it is worth it. If you love yourself, your boyfriend will love you and if he loves you, you will be liberated in bed that makes him wander. Simple formula, right?

Trust above all
We just got to trust now. The woman, who understands the man who listens to her and trusts in her, has a good chance to become like a “sex bomb”. However, anyone who immediately suspects a man with a lover, just because he wants to kill zombies in his new video game instead of watching a common movie, makes it hard to win the man’s eternal love. However, anyone who trusts the man on weekdays will probably do so in bed. She’ll be able to tell him what’s good for her or what she wants because she’s not afraid that the guy laughs or feels strange. Communication is the foundation of a good relationship.



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