What Guys Really Want: Top Things And Qualities

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Generally, though guys may not accept it they are very demanding. They would like to give less than they would take from their girl. That is the crux of many problems which would arise between a girl and a boy, sometimes with no rhyme or reason. Most of the time guys are unaware as to what men want in a woman which they would realize only when the relationship turns sour.

There are women too, who are demanding in attitude but it is the men who would generally step beyond the boundaries and ask for more. Even in sex most guys limit the foreplay which is very much what women like and this too would tend to create frictions in relationships. It is not that girls demand it but men don’t appreciate it when they are in bed. The audacity of the attitude men project and the crux of the matter is that most are unaware of what men really want. A relationship is a “give and take” attitude and if that cannot be sustained then relationships could breakdown.

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What do Men Really Want in Relationship

Not all guys are demanding, most are but there are many who would give the one they love more than what they would expect. It is not only sex that guys would want from a girl, that may be a biological need but there are more things what men really want. High on the agenda would be a good time in bed but right below that would be trust and companionship. Men are perennially attached to their mothers and history too has recorded so. Hence what guys want in a girl would be somewhat of an equivalent to a motherly relationship. Guys would laugh this off, but it is a fact that none would like to disclose as it would show that they are sissies.

This relationship that men would like to build with a girl who is basically a member of the opposite sex has many ingredients attached to it. If we are to leave out the sex part which is a very primary factor the other being trust and a motherly attitude there are more. Men have a tendency to depend on another for an opinion and that is another salient factor what men want in a woman.

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Animated conversations is another of what guys want in a girl because when the latter is in speed talk they are quite interesting to watch. Some guys are endeared to such girls and that too if that character comes close to what their mothers projected in their growing up years. This same motherly attitude is what men want in a woman when the offspring are delivered. It is the woman who would take the cue in bringing up offspring whilst the men would take a backseat. This caring which a woman would do by instinct could be very difficult to match when a man steps in to do it. What men really want is for the woman to share a higher burden in the bringing up of children and ensure all the necessary auxiliary support is provided.

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Such an arrangement is what is popularly evident in many homes and women too are accommodative due to their natural feelings for their offspring. There are inputs and what men want in a woman is sometimes limitless and most women take those responsibilities without much of a murmur. It is to the credit of the women that they take the nine months of pregnancy, the delivery and the bringing up of the offspring in their stride. Women don’t complain and men take it for granted, and what men really want from a woman is to be in control of any situation because on that score they are superlative.

It would be just a handful of men who would take the initiative in the home front and do what men really want. Such men are a handful and they would sit on the laurels and would fail in knowing what men really want. A relationship between a man and a woman is built on many criteria and they are all intertwined with each other. It would be imperative to understand, especially the men that they need to play a bigger role in the relationship. If men do not, the love so ardently built could fly through the window, after which it would be the man who would be sitting back to rue. Life is too short for us to demand more than what we need from our loved one, and what guys want in a girl should be drilled into their conscience. If that message could get through a man and woman could build a beautiful relationship built on love and trust, with all the other trappings.



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