Do Happily Married Men Flirt?

man flirting with a woman

There is a thin line between being a flirt and being nice. Married men can be mistaken for being flirts and they can also be flirts. It goes both ways. Nevertheless, do happily married men flirt? This is a question that a lot of people seek to know. Wives as well as women in general are curious to know. The article will expound on the matter further.

Ways married men flirt

1. Interest in your dating life
It is normal for people to be interested in certain aspects of life but when it comes to questions about dating, then that is putting too much effort. Married men who are always seeking updates on your dating life can be said to be flirting.

2. Personalized invites for lunch
Workmates are allowed to invite each other for lunch. As such, he can invite you for lunch with other colleagues. This is an innocent gesture unless these colleagues make up your inner circle at which point he can be said to try to appeal to them in order to appeal to you. Nevertheless, when he only invites you for lunch and does it a number of times, then this is pure flirting.

a woman with a cup in her hands smiling to a man

3. Keeps checking you out
This is one of the most common ways of flirting for men. Therefore, if you have caught him a number of times looking in your direction or staring, then it is quite evident that he likes you and is flirting.

4. Compliments
The use of compliments on ladies is innocent until it becomes habitual. Offering a compliment once in a while is okay. Nevertheless, regular compliments are flirtatious. Some compliments are also quite suggestive such as complementing your smile or your backside.

5. Giving of gifts
Gifts are given to people who are considered special. One gift from a married man might be taken to be friendly but constant gifting is a sure way of flirting.

6. Overbearing presence
It is essential to note the difference between being present as a courtesy and always seeking to be present at your side. Married men know better than to hang around for too long around women. Therefore, if he keeps trying to spend time with you then he is flirting.

7. Regular initiator of conversation
Usually, it is difficult and inappropriate for ladies to be the initiators of most conversations with married men to avoid being misinterpreted. Similarly, if a married man is always the one who initiates your conversations be they in speech or text, he can be termed to be seeking your attention and thus, flirting with you.

a man and a woman flirting at work

8. Acts different in public and in private
Married men are very careful about their image. This will cause him to talk, treat and engage you professionally in the glare of others but pamper you when you are alone.

Reasons why married men flirt

1. To get sex
Denying a man of intimacy may lead him to flirt with other women with the aim of getting laid in order to satisfy his sexual urges. When a wife starts denying his husband sex, then he will seek it outside the marriage which can be interpreted as cheating.

2. To increase self esteem
At times when wives are asked ‘why do men flirt when they are married’ they do not look at it from the esteem point of view. After marriage, there are a number of married men who feel that they have lost touch with their masculinity and thus need to flirt here and there in order to remind themselves that they are capable even after being tied down to one wife. This may also translate to a lack of acceptance at home by the wife leading to his flirtatious behaviour outside in order to seek approval and ego boost.

3. To have fun
There are men who flirt because they like the thrill it brings. They do not want something extra but they just desire to hit on other women and get away with it.

a man and two women with glasses of wine

4. To strengthen a relationship
Sometimes the answer to ‘why do married men flirt’ is positive. Flirting can not only be done outside marriage but also in the marriage where the husband and the wife flirt with each other in a bid to keep their love and trust active at all times of the relationship. It gives the relationship between them a great feel of identity and taste.

5. Influence of friends
The notion of peer pressure also applies to married men. They can be friends with other individuals who also encourage the act of flirting with other women despite their marital status. This invites flirting.

6. To return the favour
Women are attracted to married men either for their stability or their physique. It is for this reasons that some of these ladies flirt with these men despite some knowing that they are married. Some of them go as far as forcing themselves on men thus forcing them to either retreat or respond. This has led the married men to return the favour by flirting back.

7. Popularity
There is a certain power that is present when one can flirt with ladies freely because they want to and not because he wants to. This is purely attraction that the married man exudes that makes him a popular target for ladies.

8. To start a relationship
This is one of the negatively adverse effects of flirting. It leads to the end of marriages and relationships. Conversely, it is also geared towards starting a real relationship with another lady. The reason behind this may be due to falling out of love with the wife or to achieve sexual gratification.



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