Do Men Like Women They Can Control?

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Do Guys Like to Control?

Men are completely different. However, there are still some basic features that are common for almost any male. These are confidence, power, as well as an opened or hidden desire to control. Why do most men like to be controlling? The matter is that males are hunters by nature; they got used for keeping their families and control its security and stability for thousands of years. Furthermore, men have higher levels of testosterone, a hormone responsible for mannish behavioral traits, including braveness, physical strength and a desire to control. That is why this feature is present in most males by nature. However, there are still certain norms of controlling men characteristics.

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Normal Desire to Control by Men

1. Financial stability. Almost every man wants to earn good money. While millions of ladies worldwide (but surely not all of them) are still focused on families, the majority of men are keen on making money. If you take a look at the list of the most successful businessmen, you will find out than most of them are males.

2. Security. Another option usually being controlled by men is both physical and psychological security. Guys often fight at school and in college, trying to control the conflicts using sinews. Moreover, men hate to discuss their feelings and relationship to keep calm emotional stability.

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Insane Desire to Control by Men

1. Jealousy. When your boyfriend is feeling jealous, he might easily try to limit or control your communication with friends and family. However, this situation is completely out of norm.

2. Fair. Many guys often try to convince their ladies to quit working in a certain company, stay at home and pay more attention to the family. This kind of guys usually has low self-esteem; they are afraid that their loved one might find a better man on her workplace or somewhere else.

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3. Lies. Most men try to use their desire to control in order to show their fake super power. The weaker and less successful the man is, the higher control he needs over his beloved. Therefore, he might easily start lying too much to make ladies do whatever they want.

All in all, the majority or males have a healthy desire to control. However, there are still some guys, who feel insecure and unstable trying to control everything and everyone, including their girlfriends. These are toxic people, so it’s a good idea to eliminate communication with men, who is keen on controlling.



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