How to understand men?

How to understand men?

Understanding how men think

It seems that men and women are from different planets and their mental process is also completely different. It causes a lot of misunderstandings and problems in relationships. The majority of men do not like to talk much, they often think about something. Of course, most of their thoughts will remain a mystery, but there are a few secrets that men have told us.

It goes without saying that the following facts do not apply to all men, but this survey has been conducted among the representatives of various strata of society.

Thinking out loud

  1. Men do not think like women. They do not think over every little thing. If his neck itches, he will scratch it. He does not think why or how. Men do not complicate anything.
  2. Men do not seek all reasons and an answer to the question “Why?” They do not try to find a hidden meaning in everything. They take everything literally.
  3. Men have their own non-verbal language and they wait for such a sign from a woman, when she looks at him and smiles. A man expects a woman to give him an understandable and obvious sign.Men have their own non-verbal language
  4. Men do not consider what women think of them. Women so often imagine how men perceive their behavior. Dear females, you are mistaken. If you look at a man, all that he thinks is that you look at him. That is all! And he is happy about it.
  5. A failed project, unsuccessful negotiations, a lost friendly argument – he will completely hide the fact that he has not managed something.
  6. They are afraid to confess their fears. Nobody should know about their fear of heights, enclosed spaces, spiders or weeping women.
  7. They are also afraid to reveal their sensitivity. In fact, males are as sensitive as females, and intense scenes from movies, books or some life situations make them empathize with characters, and sometimes even cry. But they never admit it.
  8. They hardly recognize their sexual dysfunction. Fatigue, nervous tension or just bad mood makes them go away with frightened and apologetic look.They hardly recognize their sexual dysfunction
  9. They will never ever demonstrate their lack of confidence.
  10. Conversations about joint plans for future really bother them. It is not due to the fact that they want a family, children and their own home less than women. It is their life position, because it is silly to invent names for future children and discuss the color of laminate for hallway, if you both have not graduated from university yet, and live on your allowance.
  11. They are always silent if they have conceived something important. After all, a man should make a decision on his own. He does not need superfluous advice, especially, from a woman.
  12. Men like straightforwardness. Dear women, it is necessary to understand not only how men think, but also begin to act accordingly to this knowledge. Start smiling and be forthright!


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