I like This Guy But He Doesn’t Want Anything Serious

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He Doesn’t Want Anything Serious: The Secret Truth for Girls

So, you’ve had a wonderful evening. It seems to you that both of you enjoyed your date, since you felt some sparkling chemistry and really liked that guy. He might me really amazing, being funny, sexy and really mannish at the same time. However, your new crush doesn’t call you afterwards and says he doesn’t want serious relationship. You might feel lost and confused. What should you do in this case? First of all, let’s find out the true reasons for such an odd behavior.

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Reasons He Doesn’t Want a Relationship

1. He is not into you. This means you are not his type of lady. Although you might be smart, funny, communicative, sincere and have a wide range of awesome qualities, he is just not into you. However, it is not your fault that he really doesn’t like your personality! You simply can’t be liked by all the guys. Note: when any man tells you he doesn’t want a relationship; this means he is not ready for common future with YOU. Therefore, there is no need to try persuading him about the great perspectives of your possible relationship; the truth is that he doesn’t want it anyway.

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2. He is not attracted to you. No, you are not ugly! The matter is that every guy has his own particular preferences and might be looking for a girl of a certain type. However, if one guy doesn’t find you attractive, another one might easily fall in love with you at first sight. Just take a look at the Hollywood stars: someone finds Justin Bieber to be incredibly hot, while the others say he isn’t handsome at all. The same rule goes for all the other people: one guy finds you unattractive, while another one might look at you like at the goddess.

3. You have different plans for future. Your new crush might not see the common future with you for a wide range of reasons. He might be planning to live in another country or focus on studies, or create a career, etc. No matter what it is, if the guy is not ready for a long-term relationship, don’t waste your time for him!

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4. He is not ready for relationship with you. Your new crush might be still into his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps, he is exploring his sexuality and might still hesitate he is heterosexual: we will never know the hidden truth. However, it’s always a god idea to run away fast from people, who don’t want to spend time with you!

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All in all, when your new crush says doesn’t want serious relationship, just leave him alone: he is not actually ready to date with you. Avoid trying to convince him you were meant to be together, unveiling your feelings or pushing him for relationship. The best option here is to break up ASAP not to have your heart broken in the nearest future. You deserve better! Live your life on full and just forget about him!



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