The secret truth on what men want to hear in a relationship

what men want

7 tips on what men want to hear from their loved ones

Every man has his own viewpoints, plans for future and peculiarities. However, all of them really like to get compliments and are looking for support and understanding. What are most males looking in a relationship? Below you will find out some prompts on what men want to hear from their loved ones.

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  • What kind of compliments do most guys prefer? The secret truth is that they really enjoy sincere compliments. It should be genuine. You might focus on his physical attractiveness, smell, any special skills or just at anything he is really good at.
  • Do not forget to appreciate and praise your partner, when he does something special for you. Not to mention, your approval will stimulate him to do awesome things for you more and more!
  • Truthfulness is a feature most men are really looking for. If he asks for your advice, do not hesitate to be honest.
  • Most males need to hear that everything is all right in your relationship from time to time. There is nothing new that men cannot stand drama. If you have any special desires or want to change something in your relationship, just say it directly without using the power of emotions.
  • That you are proud of him. Guys, who feel a constant support from their loved ones usually make a better career and are much more successful than the others. Just believe in your partner and try to support his plans and ideas.

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  • Men want to feel your respect. Although you might earn more money or be more successful than your partner, avoid putting yourself on the top. Do not go too far, respect your partner and he will soon become a true winner!
  • Show that he is a leader. Although you might be the head of your family, make sure everyone, including your partner thinks that he is an absolute leader in your relationship. This simple trick will definitely make your union much stronger.

As for the bedroom games, most men want their ladies to be vocal. This technique makes him feel he is doing everything right and lead to more excitement and pleasure.

Note: fake compliments, as well as being insincere in your sexual life can easily harm your relationship. Just love your partner, take care of him and everything will be ok!



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