Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

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If a Shy Guy Loves or Likes You

Shy guys are known for the love of seclusion. They always rather prefer to be on their own than interact with people. This makes them more inclined to be secretive. In addition, it can be pretty difficult for someone especially a lady to figure out if a shy guy loves or likes her. The funny thing about shy guys is that they tend to give out signs and gestures of their emotion. In fact, the signs a shy guy likes you more than a friend are pretty much more obvious than the signs a guy who is confident in himself and more outgoing will show.

In my opinion, apart from being secretive to who they do not feel confident around at all, they are perhaps the only set of guys who truly like you for you! The chances of a shy guy playing around to waste ladies’ time are very slim. He is not even confident enough to actually ask for a date. There is no way he would suddenly to play games on you are even lie to you about the way he feels.

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Shy guys are generally lacking the courage to speak up in a crowd or even talk to you a lot when you are together. The only way they can change is if you help them out of their comfort zone. It is perhaps tough on ladies which is why most of them end up going for a more outgoing guy. There are a lot of signs you can know a shy guy likes you so you can come to a conclusion about him as fast as you can. This article will look at a few of these signs and give you some very important ones so that when next you see him you can spot it.

Tips on How to Figure It Out

1. Catch him looking at you

This is very true! He is going to keep stealing glances at you so long as you are around. It can be in a classroom or a party. No matter the place, if you really want to know if a guy likes you but is probably shy, you will catch him looking at you. In fact, you will catch him more than a few times if you are very smart. Shy guys can be really discreet and neat in carrying out the glances. Chances are you won’t notice if you don’t know. So get used to it the next time they are around.

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2. Clumsy and Nervous

These are signs he does not know if he can trust you to understand him. Really, shy guys can be pretty romantic and loyal when they finally warm up to you. You will notice if he is interested in you by moving closer to him. There are two things that might happen:

  • He suddenly becomes clumsy. As soon as you move closer to him, there is a high chance he will drop something. Trust me, I have been there. He might accidentally do it or might be intentional. In fact a lot of the time, it is accidental. The best you can do is not make jest of him. Instead, jokingly start a conversation with him
  • He is nervous. Chances are if he is suddenly clumsy because you are very close to him, it is because he is playing different scenarios in his head. These are scenarios of what could have happened if he was more confident. Hence the more reason why he would be nervous. Talk to him to take the edge off if you feel you are interested in him too.

The key to actually loving shy guys is seeing past their weird armor of self-pity. Once you can do that, they can be fun to be with.

3. Loves everything about you

There is no better way of knowing if a guy likes you and is just shy to tell you. He is definitely going to prefer texting you via social media. If you text him, there is every probability he would show genuine interest in what you are doing. He is going to want to know the things you are doing that he doesn’t know of. He is also going to try and do those things you love to get the hang of it.

If he gets the courage up to show he has an interest in you –over text or in person, the ball is in your court. Do not entertain his gestures if you are later going to turn him down. It is going to just damage him more. Tell him how you feel, as gentle as possible. He is a man yes, but remember he is lacking in confidence as it is.

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4. His friends will make fun of him

This one depends on how close he is to his friends. But if are around them and you notice them teasing and laughing while he himself keeps a straight face, it is an indicator he likes you.

5. He just can’t ask you out

This one is pretty much obvious. He won’t even balls up to the fact. Instead, he would choose to wait around as much as he can. The truth is, he is just scared he won’t get another chance if you say ‘No’. Thus, he prefers to stay in the background rather than as you out



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