Signs of a Passionate Man

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For most people, passion is often sometimes mistaken as infatuation. Especially when you have just entered a relationship. However, unlike infatuation, passion does not fade away. The truth is passion is the one that keeps the relationship alive.

Passionate love involves more than sexual attraction. There is cognitive and emotional aspect of passionate love as well, such as thinking about their partner, idealizing their partner or the relationship, wanting to know their partner and wanting their partner to know them, being sexually attracted to and aroused by your partner, feeling good when things go bad, etc.

The reason why passion is very important in a relationship is that there are studies that show that passionate relationship are much happier and tends to give much more satisfaction in and out of bed. Not to mention that a passionate relationship tends to stay longer.

How to Know if Someone is Passionate about you

1. Priority

Now there are a lot of things that happen in life. This is especially true if your guy is a busy, and carrier driven an oriented person. If a man is passionate about you, then he will make you his utmost priority.

This does not mean that he is going to drop everything to be with you, or he is going to put you first in every situation.

A passionate man will treat you as being important to him. He is going to make time for you when the time is right. When you are in your most vulnerable time, and when you need him the most. You will be able to tell if he has truly been making an effort for you even when he has a lot going on.

2. Listens to you

Men have always been a creature of individualism. Unlike women who needed to let others know their story to make a decision, men tend to make their own decision based on their own judgment.

A sign of a man that is passionate about you is that he will listen to you and your opinion. If your partner is asking you about making a certain decision, and change his views or his stance because of your opinion, then you can almost certain that he is passionate about you.

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3. Real

You can always feel if someone is just pretending to be someone else around you. The best about passionate men is he is going to be comfortable to be his real self around you.

Most of the time, it is not easy to be real and genuine with a person. This is because when you are being real or being genuine, you might have felt that you are being vulnerable.

4. Friends and family

Another sign that a person is passionate about you is that he would like you to meet his friends and family. This is a huge step and is not an easy step. If he wants to introduce you to his friends and family, that means that he is seeing whether you will be able to get along with the most important people in his life.

This is not an easy thing to do. For a man, this is also another step that opens his most vulnerable side to you.

5. Future

Another sign that a guy is passionate about you is that they will start discussing the future with you. This can come with a lot of sign such as looking for a place that you can live together, choosing a pet that you can keep together, and many others.

A vision of you living your life together is a huge step. Everything comes from the mind, and you are what you think of. If a guy has started to plan a future with you.

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6. Sacrifice

Life is not easy, and to have a long committed relationship you need to make sacrifices. If he is passionate about you, then he will be able to sacrifice something to keep you happy. This could be as simple as him sacrificing his movie pick during your date night.

7. Honesty

Another sign that a guy is passionate about you is that he is going, to be honest, and open. When he is open and honest, that simply means that he trusts you.

We all know that a relationship will not survive if it is not based on mutual trust. A relationship without trust will fall apart anytime, and there is no shortcut to trusting someone. Trust is built, not given.

If a man is honest and open to you, that means that he trusts that you would accept his honesty even if it is not something that might be pleasant for you to hear.

Have you seen any signs of passion from him that he has shown from the living above? There are a lot of ways that a man will do as a sign that he is passionate about you. However, all of them are built through effort and time. One important thing that you need to remember is that everyone is different in their own ways.



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