Types of Guys: Which One is Yours?

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It is the dream of every girl to have a guy. Maybe you want someone just to hang out with, someone you can go on an adventure with, or simply, you don’t want to be lonely. All your girlfriends have one, so should you. However, these guys come in various characters in and styles. Some cheerful and others are just clumsy, others cool or maybe ambitious. Before making any kind of decision, call yourself on an urgent meeting, ask yourself what you want.

Knowing the various types of guys before making that important decision

Mr. Ambitious

Who doesn’t want a focused guy by her side? Of course, you wouldn’t want a visionless hopeless type. You want assurance of a great future, then this one might be all you need. He has his life well planned. However, be careful not to be on his wrong side.

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The Lost Diamond

This is the kind of guy lost in his own world. He is cool to hand out with, provided no one spots you with him, because he is a terrible dresser. He has no clear vision of his tomorrow. He lives a day at a time. This one can be easily fixed. Make a man out of him and you will forever be grateful.

“Marry me” type

A majority in this category are in their late 20s and early 30s. They have had all the adventure in the world. Have everything planned out for their new bride. This might be a mega jackpot if marriage is your goal.

Mr. Romantic

With this one, you’ll never miss the most romantic candle-lit dinner. The most gorgeous teddy bear in town will yours, and perhaps your surprise proposal will be somewhere in Seychelles. He is every woman’s dream. Therefore do not trade your life for him, you might be his #19

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Mr. Know-it-all

These are the greatest pretenders, fake intellects. This one will never allow you to shine. He will quote all the philosophers just to keep you in your place. They are egocentric and will leave your esteem damaged. Avoid such a guy at all costs, unless you are in for a challenge.

The “Wannabe celeb”

This one will do everything to be the center of attention. He wants his star to shine brighter than the sun. All he cares about is fame. If you want short-lived fame, he is the guy. But do not get too emotionally attached, that overgrown teenage still needs a lot of growing up.

Mommas Boy

As the name suggests, he is still a boy, in a man’s body. He can’t think independently. He seeks his mom’s approval on his all undertakings. He cannot do the simplest house chores, such as dropping a soiled cap in the sink, momma is there to do that. He prefers living at his mom’s place. Can make a great boyfriend only when his mom likes you.

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Mr. Polite guy

This is definitely every girl’s dream. Down to earth respectful. Will not shy of using polite words such as please and sorry (a vocabulary absent in many guys dictionary). He will show you respect wherever you are, in public or in private. He is such a sweetheart. I guess you might consider keeping this one for life.

All-time player

This one is a serial heartbreaker. He is not going to settle with one girl any time soon. He is used to toying with girls feelings. He uses his charm to woo girls in order to satisfy his exaggerated ego. Do not date him thinking you will change him. No kind of character or physical appearance shakes him. If you love your heart, stay away from him.

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The Comedian

You will never know when this guy is serious. When around him, all you can do is laugh. He adds humor to everything. Do not make a mistake of taking him to a family funeral, he might make the corpse laugh…oops!

Generally, he will never do anything to offend you. He will highlight your flaws in the most comical way. This guy will simply create a little paradise for you. For a laughter-filled life, this might be the guy you need.

Mr. Selfish

This is the most self-centered guy you will ever come across. He thinks of nothing but himself. He will often ask for little favors from you, but will never return any. He will never remember any of your important days. Mostly, he will remember you when he needs another favor. Stay away from him, stay away from stress.

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The “Worrier”

He is constantly worried about everything. He worries what will happen tomorrow, who will snatch you, how will he get home after dusk? He never has a solution for anything. Just one empty life that is full of worries. He will definitely make your life dull. He will analyze every situation and make a critical finding which are of course crazy. He will cancel your camping trip because a polar bear might attack you in some forest in Vietnam (sic). It is difficult to deal with him nothing like an adventure in his life.

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