Types of Hugs Guys Give and What They Mean


Hugging is a way of showing you care for each other. Because you want them happy, you will hug them more often elevates their moods. It also gives strength when you feel like there is none. The partners will feel more attached to each other hence strengthening their bond.

This simple act is responsible for activating the release of the happiness hormone. Increased frequency of hugs will maintain high levels of happiness in a relationship. Hugs have evolved over time. More defined hugs have been discovered. Meanings have also been attached to each.

Different Types of Hugs Guys Give And Their Meaning

“Cold shoulder’ hug

This is a kind of hug that only allows the shoulder contact. It looks more like a forced hug than one coming from within. It definitely feels extremely awkward, it conveys a message that the guy is unsure of the feelings he has for you. He was not sure whether to hug you or not. He just suppressed his ego to hug you in order to look normal. This is the kind of hug he gives the guys he does not like in the countryside.

The tight hug

This is without a doubt everyone’s favorite. It feels good when someone hugs you with all their might. They squeeze you against themselves. You feel their well-defined features against your skin. It is the best hug to be exchanged among crushes. It is a gesture of love. It shows that you want to love them with all your being. This hug means that you are into someone. You might not say it by word but you will show it by action.

a man giving a woman a tight hug

The prolonged hug

This hug comes with a feeling of protection. Most lovebirds experience this kind of hug. You will be given this hug when someone wants to show you that they had missed you a lot. It reassures the existence of love among intimate partners. When you get this hug, know that you are really loved, there’s no doubt about it. There are many situations that may lead to this hug beside missing each other. Your partner might be undergoing a tough time and the only way they could show you they care and they are with you. They hold you tight against their chest and whisper some encouraging words. It reassures support.

a man giving a woman a prolonged hug

The twirl hug

This is also known as the spinner hug. This is when the girl runs towards a guy, the guy lifts her and spins as they hug. It is usually accompanied by a kiss. This is a sure way of making a girl happy. This hug is well fitted for long distant lovers who have not seen each other in a while. It can be exchanged among best friends, of course without accompanying a kiss. This gives an indication that the guy is completely comfortable with you. You are simply more than a friend to him.

The sneaky hug

This is usually taken from behind. A guy will silently walk towards you from your back and hug you by surprise. You might be in the kitchen, laundry room or in the bedroom tidying up. He will tie his hand around your waist, and probably kiss your neck. This hug gives a lot of excitement, especially if it from your favorite guy. This intimate hug gives a spark of love. This hug means that the guy is ready to protect the girl. It gives a connection between the two.

a man hugging a woman from behind

The straddle hug

This hug is exchanged among intimate people. It happened when a girl runs towards a guy and tie her legs around his waist. It signifies sexual tension. It means you want to get intimate with each other.

Eye-to-eye hug

This is the type of hug given to the people who are so close to your heart. The eye locking is meant to pass some silent affectionate message. When a guy gives you this hug, it means that he is completely in love with you and is ready to spend the rest of his life with you.

a man giving a woman a eye-to-eye hug

Pick-pocket hug

This hug happens when the guy slips his hands into the back pocket of a girls pants. It means that they are completely comfortable with you and you can trust them. It signifies the depth of affection.

Hugging while heads laid on each other

This hug gives a woman the feeling of being hugged. It is amazing as it makes you feel special and treasured. This hug is an indication that the two of you are perfect for each other.

Hugging around the waist

This hug is perfect when a guy is having an evening walk with his favorite girl. It signifies the comfort you feel when you are together. It also signifies sexual tension between the two of you. This can work well with new lovebirds when they are in the process of knowing each other.

a man hugging a woman around the waist

Sloppy hug

This is the kind of hug given to a friend. It does not indicate the existence of any kind of feeling. In most cases, it is given to general friends. From the above examples, we can see that there exist very many different types of hugs. It only takes the right guy to give one.



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