What Happens When You Ignore a Guy?

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Do Guys Notice When You Ignore Them?

If a guy or even a lady holds any interest in you or a relationship with you, they would notice it when you ignore them, even if you are just friends, dating or barely talked. Everyone wants love from people that they care about and guys are no exception to this rule. They are also sensitive and have feelings that are constantly been guarded and checked.

A sign that the guy is interested in you is when you observe that he actually notices or suspects that you are ignoring him. However, this does not mean that they want to spend the rest of their lives with you. It just blankly means that he is interested. However, if you are wondering, do guys notice when you ignore them? This list below reflects it.

  • He feels defeated and wants to beat the challenge: When you start ignoring a guy, he is probably trying to get your attention through different means and then you keep pretending like you don’t see him. First, he feels hurt and he feels because he didn’t get you. Every man always wants to achieve his goal and ultimately gets what he wants. When he is not getting what he wants he feels defeated and would try to come back. Now he would probably be looking for new ways to get to you. The complicated aspect is that; both a person who might just want you for a fling and one that might want a long term relationship might still try to beat the challenge and try harder.
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  • He might want to try without commitment: when a lot of ladies are wondering: do guys notice when you ignore them? When they put up their ignoring acts, they might also not notice themselves that they may be sending an off signal. When ignoring a guy, you have to know when to pull the plug or the guy might start feeling that maybe you are not interested in a commitment. He might change his objectives and try to focus on just a relationship without a commitment. This could be just so he doesn’t feel defeated, or to seemingly do what you would prefer.
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  • He might think you are not interested: They might also feel that you are plainly not interested and then they give up. This is what you must watch out for. I am sure most ladies are not playing the game to get this far, but this is where it could get to. Actually, passing off as not interested could simply mean to anybody as not interested. In some cases, the guys might decide to pull off. This could also mean that they were not interested in the first place. However, it is only a clear and candid moment that can set you free.
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Mistakes Ladies Make When Trying to Ignore Guys

  • Don’t get too fake: Because ignoring men is about trying to make up ways to pretend like you don’t care, it is easy to slip off and go off the board with pretense.
  • Know when to draw the line: Knowing when to stop acting out is so important, if you are not sensitive to this, you could lose the guy altogether.
  • Lack of patience: You can’t make a guy love you are drool over you if he actually doesn’t. Sometimes this period might make you see that he is not so interested. Don’t try to push him to act by doing something that would make him just simply dislike you altogether.
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Because there are a lot of fake people today, a lot of people are putting up blocks in their emotional life and even though men are willing to push for what they want, the preferences might be changing. If you ignore him, he might just settle for the fact that you don’t want him and he would simply move on. If you don’t want this to be the case then you might want to consider pretending in the first place.

How do guys feel when you ignore them? They feel bad, but actions are individualistic, they might push more for you or forget about it. But if the main reason for ignoring them in the first place was to get them to see you or want you more. This can still be achieved only if the guy is equally interested in you and you move fast.



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