Wrong Guys Syndrom: Dating with Bad Men

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Falling in Love with Wrong Guys: Stop Your Wrong Men Syndrome

Dating is often challenging. When you start your relationship, you are full of hope, desire and amazing future perspectives. However, it might soon turn out that your perfect guy is just another toxic person you should avoid dating. If the situation is uncommon, there is nothing to worry about. However, many ladies burn out again and again, facing the same problem. Dating wrong guys? Let’s solve the issue!

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The Reasons for Dating Wrong Men

1. Low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem is the most common reason for dating wrong people among millions of girls worldwide. If you don’t love yourself, how can someone truly fall in love with you? The key to success here is to become more confident and boost your self-esteem to start attracting good guys. Pay attention to your appearance and style, update your wardrobe, change your haircut and try something new you’ve always wanted to try. If you feel comfortable with yourself, toxic people will just avoid dating with a happy person. Therefore, chances are that you will find a perfect match.

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2. You are sure your love will change him. People don’t tend to significantly change. Therefore, a bad guy is not likely to start visiting college, bringing you flowers and do anything you want him to do. Your crush likes his life and will not change his habits only because you need it. Not to mention, it is much easier to find a person, who possess the majority of your dream features rather than to change your current partner.

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3. You don’t know the better options. You might be falling in love with bad guys again and again, because you didn’t even try dating with good people. The matter is that girls tend to do familiar things in all spheres of life, including dating. Just take a look around and find out, whether there are good guys behind you.

4. You had a terrible father. Most women are unconsciously looking for guys, who behave similar to their daddies. In case your dad was treating you badly, you might be looking for the same role model in you relationships.

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5. You have too many perfect guys in your surroundings. That is the main reason, why good girls from great families are often dating wrong men. The matter is that they already have plenty of awesome men (cousins, brothers and just friends). This simple trick makes ladies look for someone unusual, adventurous and extraordinary, that are usually bad guys syndrome. In this case try to pick up boyfriend from your circle and try not to look for the guys somewhere else (on the parties, in the bars or anywhere good guys are rare avis).



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