Unlike the Mustang / Jazzmaster bridges which are of folded steel, this bridge is cast from Zinc alloy and then chrome plated, as are the two pivot pucks. Diagnostic notes – The circuit diagram of these Watkins units shows that the three playback heads, which are spaced along the tape path at increasing distances from the record head, are all wired in a series chain into the input of the playback amplifier. Guitar repair has been a large part of London Guitar Academy from the start. Haim and David are luthiers, fashioning organic stringed instruments from recycled wood. All non-standard necks (ie A,C, D) could be ordered for an extra 5% above the retail price. The pickups are all the same polarity with the South pole uppermost, (no Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity – RWRP – here). 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Cheap Japanese output jack replaced with a Switchcraft, fitted with a screened cable. The re-issues only have a trapeze tailpiece, no tremolo. ... Acoustic Guitar Saddle £65. Pickup covers are black plastic. Despite what the serial number seems to indicate, the end of the neck is stamped with 19FEB68B. Thank you very much!” ~ Steve Earle “Brilliant, thank you it sounds great” ~ Chris Difford "The guitars arrived at lunchtime thanks all safe & sound, and thrilled with… Re-built the licensed Bigsby. Input jack on top panel. The strings are described as 34 inch strings, which is the distance from the trapeze tail piece to ¾ of an inch past the nut, just below the tuners. Electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars all welcome. Vintage style 6/64″ (2.4 mm) 5/64″ (2 mm), 1.5mm Hex Key for the bridge saddle heights and for the arm tension, £ 4.50 for teflon insulated silver plated wire and tie wraps, £ 3.92 Set of 3 black Strat knobs with white legends, £ 2.10 1 x Orange Drop 0.022uF capacitor for tone control, £ 2.00 Silver mirror finish tremolo cavity cover, £ 30.00 D’Andrea blue swirl pearl pick guard, £ 0.72 6 x M3 by 35mm black hex button screws for the pickups @ 12p each. With the flat wound strings this instrument has a very fundamental rich, dark tone. If any of the play heads are open circuit the playback amplifier sees an open circuit when that head is selected by its push button, and the output produces a loud hum. All the signal mixing is by a passive resistor network, high impedance output. Known today as the ‘Beatle Bass’, originally designed by Walter Hofner in 1955 and launched at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1956, the Hofner 500/1 is a four string, short scale, electric bass guitar with a hollow violin style body. D tuner was starting to fall apart. ‘Genuine Hofner Original Made in Germany’ is stamped on the back of the headstock. So when you play one, you’ll know it’s an original. Copyright reserved, Terry Relph-Knight. Guitar Repairs and Setups London. This means the guitar now has the standard Fender string spacing at the nut, along with the narrow string spacing at the bridge. The neck is bound in white plastic with large oval black edge markers. The pivot bridge is held against its pivot points purely by string pressure and any tilt backwards or forwards of the bridge will affect intonation. The stamps for T OLLMER and D CRAWFORD are just visible in the neck pocket. Removed all six tuners, cleaned and replaced them on the headstock. The bridge should be oriented with the intonation screws towards the tailpiece. Amp shows no sign of life when plugged in and switched on. The headstock is burst painted to match the body and carries a script Fender logo in black with a gold outline. These are ‘modern player’ guitars. To sum up, in addition to the mains fuse, one fuse in each pair for every supply rail in the amp – the supply for the valve heaters in the pre-amp, the high voltage supply for the valve sections of the pre-amp and the supply for the power amplifier, is blown. Reconditioned the heads of the four neck ‘bolts’ and all other bolts and screws. Apparently a trem arm from a vintage Fender Mustang should fit the Coronado trem. It turns out the power transformer had developed an internal short. Size – 67cm long x 23.5 to 21.5cm tapered width x 38.5cm high. Bad head is open circuit, shows more wear and a wider head gap. 12 String Nut - £80. Surrey & South London . Rotosound print the scale on the string packets in small print. Epiphone licensed Bigsby B700 model trapeze vibrato tailpiece. Reaming out the hole slightly removed the rust and freed the switch so the button can move through its full travel. The light gauge stainless flats in 39 to 96, apparently are the strings used by Paul McCartney. The grub screw shifts a small roller up and down that is mounted on a further V shaped spring. Body – The double cutaway, arched, thinline body is of beechwood ply with a white/black/white binding front and back. and DC regulator to valve heaters, F2 – T2A L250V …. Prices. All the internal routing is extremely clean and tidy. When connected to mains power the secondary windings started smoking, so there is obviously a short in one of the secondaries. This connects to the power transformer and the loudspeakers through 2 PCB mounted SIL Molex connectors through a short cable harness. DENMARK STREET GUITARS RARE AND VINTAGE GUITARS AND AMPS. Work done –  Fitted a Goldo Tune-o-Matic bridge with roller saddles with added M3 bridge locking grub screws. Our friends at Gryphon know guitars and are fully authorised to service and repair Lowden Guitars. The bridge has six adjustable barrel saddles. Contact us today. The glue Fender used to fix the body binding on some of the Coronado bodies left a stain, or chemical burn, around the edge of the body. These are fitted closely together (the spacing along with the large buttons make this guitar hard to tune) and five of these tuners have a small bevel on the locating screw lug that allows it to tuck in under the next tuner. Removed the old tension roller. The sprung back is then hooked over the pin at one end and pushed down until it clips around the outside of the worm. Instrument Repairs in West London. Friendly and efficient guitar services in the Worcester Park, Sutton, Kingston and Wimbledon area. Chandler Guitars). Neck – Maple, one piece, 3 bolt neck with black plastic dots finished in a high gloss poly that has darkened to a ‘vintage’ amber. Terry Relph Knight, an expert luthier with over 30 years experience, and his experienced repair staff are well known for their set ups, custom wiring, fret jobs, wood work, custom guitar building, and much more. 32 – 0 – 32 V AC @ 2A (128VA so buy a 150VA) for the MOSFET power amplifier – orange – black – orange, 14V AC @ 0.7A (9.8VA so 10VA) for the 12AX7 pre-amp valve series heaters (pins 4 & 5) pair of white wires, 250V @ 75mA (18.75VA so 20VA) for the valve HT – pair of yellow wires, CON81 (on power amp PCB) Numbered left to right on pin side, 3 – 32 V AC goes to F81 T2AL250V NOT blown. Controls – Red channel drive, treble, middle, bass, volume, ch switch, Blue channel drive, Drive / Clean switch, treble, middle, bass, drive volume, clean volume, master volume. Improved its appearance by using a craft knife to trim away a straight strip of Lexan including the chips. Guitar Repairs London. Strings are loaded with the ball end towards the neck, run through and folded under the chrome bar tremolo string anchor, then up to run over the floating bridge. Cleaned and polished the guitar, trying to buff out the fine scratches left by the previous owner. While still making excellent guitars today, Japanese maker Tokai became known in the 1970’s for their affordable copies of the iconic American electric guitars. These cylinders are graduated in three diameters – small, medium, large – to follow the fretboard radius – so small, medium, large, large, medium, small. The Bigsby – The ‘licensed’ Bigsby vibrato is a B700, trapeze tailpiece model. Welcome to Tim Marten Guitar Repairs based in Charing Cross Road, London. Also hook up the loudspeakers (they already seem to respond correctly to a simple test with 3V DC from a continuity tester) to my 5W amp and run some audio through them. Nut width is 40mm. But in practice it is the movement of the anchor forwards (flat) and backwards (sharp) that dominates the tremolos action. Pins numbered clockwise looking up at the base of the valve. The old panel has an 8.2K resistor, a 0.033uF cap, 250K pots and the top of the pearloid plate is engraved with the legends – Volume 2, Rhythm/Solo, Bass on, Treble on and Volume 1. Guitar repairs guitar makers and guitar setups by London’s best professional luthiers. Our stores are located in the world famous 'Tin Pan Alley' Denmark Street, London. This is the size of wrench used to adjust the bridge height grub screws. Apparently they were made in Scotland and are extremely rare. Safety of internal mains wiring was improved. Fortunately the wide bridge then allows enough travel in the saddles to achieve correct intonation on all the strings. So all these fuses are slow blow 20mm glass fuses rated at 250V. Expert technicians keep your instruments and equipment in peak playing condition with expert repairs, upgrades and maintenance. Required fields are marked *. Mains T2A slo-blo fuse is blown. The covers don’t fit flush, they are short of the forbon baseplate by about 1mm which allows clearance for the two lead out wires. $217.91. Makers of string instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars. String spacing at the nut is 32mm and the scale length is 30 inches (although the custom string length from the ball end to the start of the silk wound string taper is 34 inches). London’s best Guitar repairs, Guitar setups – prices. Unlike my Korean made, but genuine, Bigsby B5, on the Epiphone licensed version there are retaining circlips fitted on either end of the string shaft, holding it in place in the frame. A full pro go over head to body. The internal paper label shows the model as “Casino VS” (vintage sunburst). The bridge height adjustment wrench can be used to make fine adjustments to the bridge tilt on its pivots by inserting it into one of the height grub screws and using it as a lever. It really does not look as though this bridge has been properly fitted to this bass. Volume controls do not work – on or off is about the best you can get. Judging by traces of an abrasive white power found under the Bigsby and by the state of the finish, the previous owner tried rubbing down the gloss of the finish, possibly to make it look like an older guitar. In 2013 Fender released a Coronado re-issue (no trem) at around £592 street, now discontinued. Guitar repairs London, Amp repairs, Guitar Setups, re-fretting, Headstock repairs and full re-wires, spares and custom parts. The pin on the D tuner had slipped out of its support hole at one end. Set up and intonate. Apparently these bar’s are the same as those used on Fender Mustangs, but replacements are extremely hard to find. Or maybe just for smashing up while on stage?

Collection only within one week of purchase … For some bizarre reason all the controls are wired in reverse, so that maximum is anti-clockwise. Or – to try fitting a Vibromate String Spoiler for easier string loading. Value – maybe £2,000, the guitar is not in mint condition, but it is left handed. Unfortunately the guitar is missing the floating pickguard with the Epiphone E metal logo and these pickguards are hard to find and expensive to replace. Full fret dressing – we don’t do partial dressing because it creates unevenness along the fingerboard. Brass nut fitted in place of the original too small and loose plastic nut. The only problem is that the two 25mm height adjustment screws only have 2mm extending past the threads in the pickup legs so if the pickup loosens at all the screws don’t have far to go before they come loose and the pickup falls out. Tremolo springs replaced with the new Wilkinson, as the old Tokai springs had hooks that were too long for the Wilkinson block. The strings are completely dead and don’t appear to be a set that would correctly fit this bass. I manufactured two new plastic bushings from ABS 0.75 inch long 3/8” diameter spacers with centre hole drilled out to 5mm. Located in London Ontario Front panel Drive / Clean push-push switch was jammed because of rust around the hole for the push button in the front panel. London Guitar Repairs is the place for repairs, setups and modifications to your guitar & stringed instruments including re-strings, setups, re-frets, refinishing, neck resets, vintage restoration, relic-ing, blasting, cracked tops, broken or loose acoustic guitar braces, pickup installation, custom electronics, bone nuts and saddles, binding and major reconstruction. Parts – LaBella 760FHB2 strings – £36 + 2 post. I carry out repair, servicing and custom work to leading brands of electric guitars including Fender, Gibson, Washburn, PRS, Ibanez, and Ltd, as well as acoustics such as Martin, Santa Cruz and Collings. Acoustic neck angle adjustment. Pots – Japanese, Vol 308.2K, tone 314.5K, tone 307.3K, all 20% law. These connections were rewired directly to the power transformers. The Epiphone Custom Shop brand is used on limited run models. Consultations are free of charge and visits are organised and agreed beforehand either by phone or email. The Mustang was and is an entry level, beginners guitar which sold in large numbers. 3 Channels – Red channel with its own Drive, tone controls and Volume and a Blue channel with either Clean or Dirty with shared tone controls and Volumes for Clean and Dirty. Three push button keys for ‘Halo’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Repet’ (short for repetition? With 10s on the guitar maximum clockwise on the screw doesn’t quite achieve this. Fretboard buffed clean and polished. You need Rotosound ‘Medium’ scale 35.25 inches from ball to silk. Guitar repairs guitar makers and guitar setups by London’s best professional luthiers. The screws and springs are all the same size. The screws, springs and threaded holes in the pickup all seem in good order. Odd paint chips and surface marks where the guitar has knocked against white house-paint and this has transferred to the guitar surface. The main change that Epiphone have made to the design, presumably in order to save money, is that rather than drill the 3/16” holes in the aluminium frame for the front roller axle and drill and tap for a grub screw in the frame leg, Epiphone chose to cast larger 3/8” inch holes (roughly 3/8” the holes actually taper from the outside in). Problems – Customer suspected problems with the loudspeakers. Bridge saddles adjusted for intonation correction. Pickup services are offered from complete rewinds to waxing/potting. The finish on this guitar has a number of long cracks in it and the odd chip. We are open Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm. Intonation as delivered After re-stringing   saddles moved. Work done – Body and neck cleaned and polished. The thin black burst was applied to hide this ‘burn’. Problems – Entire guitar is very grubby, the bridge tone knob is loose and the intonation screw is missing from the bottom E saddle (a 4-40 5/8 apparently – available in packs of 12 from Strings Direct). and DC regulator to valve heaters, F3 – T500mA L250V …. The team at Gryphon can assess your guitar and liaise with us on the appropriate care. Current value – purchased second hand for £450. Guitar Repairs London for YOU! Hofner specify 3mm E and 2mm G. The aluminium height thumb wheels on the bridge were set as low as they will go so the only way to get a slightly lower action is to remove those wheels altogether. Tokai Springy Sound model numbers – which are usually engraved on the last fret or on the neck heel – generally break down as follows: All of the above models were available with a rosewood fingerboard, but this feature is very rare on ST-80 and higher models. Sometimes you will see them with one pickup pointing up and one down!

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