You can rotate the handle according to the requirements or enhance the control over the machine as well as cutting materials. In general, all petrol devices have much more power than electric ones. Unlike- 4-stroke, these petrol hedge trimmers also make light work of disposing of access hedge branches and leaves with efficiency. For this kind of hedges, on a good petrol hedge trimmer can deliver. People can practically not stop talking about how great it is, and many of them have banned every other model from being used in their garden. Whether you need a trimmer for home garden or commercial usage, try the RHT2660R for fast and productive outputs. So, you need some good gardening tools and hedge trimmer is one of them. Pros & Cons of Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmer. Size of the blade is comparatively short in this model. If you have thicker, older hedges, you need to own one of the best electric hedge trimmers for thick branches. Then there’s the worry about the cord being too short of reaching farther areas in your garden, especially for those who have large yards. It is cordless, which means it is ideal for all types of gardens, large and small. ... the thicker the branches it can cut. Much Too Weighty for Easy Manoeuvring: Bulkiness is an even more daunting weakness of petrol-powered hedge trimmers. With 3.6V battery power, it is lightweight at 1.2 lbs. However, it is not recommended to try and trim hedges beyond that, since they can damage the blade or even the trimmer itself. If you're worried about this hedge trimmer's clash with thick branches, there's no need. Its 22 cc engine and 56 cm blade, co-operate well and you get excellent results without wasting much time. On the other hand, a petrol-powered trimmer has a more rugged engine. The tool is heavy but felt well-balanced to hold and cut powerfully through hedges. HS45 is an easy to start machine, because of a manual fuel pump. McCulloch combines lightweight, soft start and a powerful engine to give you a tool that’s pleasurable to use. As it’s a petrol trimmer, you can use the machine virtually anywhere without looking for a power outlet. Perhaps it should give you the authority to maintain the lawn efficiently. So, the McCulloch trimmer can deal with some of the thickest debris with ease. What do you expect from a high-quality petro hedge trimmer? As per our research the Makita EH7500W is our Top pick; because of a powerful engine, stain-free double-sided blades and a lightweight design. Also, you'll be getting a dual 450 mm hardened steel blades, which will, in turn, make any work utterly easy and you'll never have to worry about your gardening chores again. This implies that it can handle this same task for a long time and remain functional. This trimmer has a soft start that keeps you safe from the start-up hassles. They compensate for the lack of power in length. But they are also quite large and not as compact as corded and cordless devices, especially when it comes to hedge trimmers. This trimmer type is so expensive it can leave a really deep hole in people’s pockets. Gas or petrol powered trimmers are the most powerful handheld trimmers with power ranging from 400 Watts to 900 Watts. It’s a reliable tool that keeps you comfortable during prolonged usage. This gardening tool comes with an anti-vibration system that reduces the jerks and reduces the stress on your arms. Nov 2, 2020 - This board will help you find Best Hedge Trimmer for Thick Branches. McCulloch SuperLite 4528 Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmer, 7. Hedge Trimmer / February 18, 2020 by Sean / Leave a Comment. Plus, even if you don’t have electricity, you’re good. If you want to do a perfect job, you need a device that's lightweight, portable and easy to use. This is mainly because of its kind of motor and the solution it needs to run. Here are the 9 Best Petrol hedge trimmers UK of 2020; Check detailed product reviews and buying guide below. Blade size: If you own some hedges that need little pruning after a few weeks, then you can choose a trimmer with blade size anywhere up to 50 inches. Weather-Proof Machine: Another beautiful thing concerning petrol cutters is that weather conditions have little effect on them. The more powerful a device is, the higher its chances of performing effectively and producing the right results. You cannot lift and carry a heavy machine for long, especially if you are not physically fit. Moreover, you can lock its rotating handle at five different positions. Due to this component, you only need to press a button and the fuel will reach the carburettor. When it comes to electric trimmers, these are the ones that rule the market right now. Cutting hedges and bushes can be quite a difficult job. SuperLite 4528 comes with a 45 cm blade that gives you a decent cutting radius. A lightweight and vibration-free will tool suits your arms better than a gravity inclined one. If you do have a large garden, however, you should consider a petrol one, since they have longer running hours and stronger motors. It looks lively and picturesque when you have a tidy and clean hedge. Bosch AHS 20-50 Cordless Hedge Trimmer - Blade Guard Efficiency, #2. 2. A low-quality tool might work for initial days, but it will create troubles later onward. For trimming high-up, out-of-the-way branches, check out this telescoping hedge trimmer from Sun Joe. That is why you should try and make it as pleasant as you possibly can, which is why Makita developed its anti-vibrant hedge trimmer. And when you need to tackle thick and super dense hedges, then only petrol-powered hedge cutter could be sufficient. It’s amazing to know that the hedge hammers from this brand stay sharp for long. It is powerful and possesses a multi-click system, allowing easy access to swap shrub and grass blades.Its multi-tasking features make it the best option for everyday gardening tasks. Makita DUH523Z Hedge Trimmers Cordless - Anti-Vibrant, #5. VonHaus Cordless Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer Review. The average diameter of hedge branches is 20 mm. That’s why we put together this list of the best high power hedge trimmers … Anyone who has ever pruned a hedge with thick branches knows that most hedge trimmers just aren’t up to the job. Now, the choice is up to you. Consider the points they were discussing in the buying guide and we hope you can find one of the best petrol hedge trimmers for your yard. Take a close look at some of the things you should think about in order to make a great decision regarding the exact hedge trimmer you need. Your email address will not be published. The AL-KO EnergyFlex HT 4055 is an affordable hedge trimmer for medium-sized hedges with branches up to 1 cm thick If the branches are thicker, around 1.5 cm or more, the cutting process is slower and it pinches branches rather than cuts them. The product also includes a hedge sweep attachment that assists when foliage breaks the cutting fluency. So, it’s might be great only for a small or medium-sized garden. McCulloch is a reputable brand that produces some of the best gardening tools. In this guide, We are going to review the popular petrol operated hedge trimmers in the UK market. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is an encapsulation over the ignition system that protects it from dirt and moisture. What if we tell you that you can get all these features added with several more in an affordable package? There's no need to remove the body of the hedge trimmer, and you can even do it yourself without any troubles. This hedge trimmer is the best option when it comes to dealing with stubborn shrubs and thick hedges. You should know, however, that in comparison to other models, this one is more suited for longer hedges than thicker. It has a 45 cm cutting blade and a 16 mm cutting gap which ensures that all the long branches and shrubs will be nicely cut according to your needs. For example, the last product we reviewed, Dewalt, has a fantastic battery and great body that ensures both long working hours and durability in general. This trimmer has so many good things going for it. It will do an excellent job on thicker hedges as well, but if you're looking for a more powerful cut, you should opt-out for a different one. Apart from the low gravity, the machine has improved controls to reduce noise and vibration. A corded machine evokes a lot of worries. Its exhaust is also at the front so that you don’t have to face the harmful fumes directly. So, you should consider whether you need a large and powerful trimmer that can deal with dense shrubs and thick debris or an entry-level tool that can only cut through with average-sized branches. It's evident from the list that the best hedge trimmer for thick bushes and branches is Bosch AHS 20-50 Cordless Hedge Trimmer. With a petrol hedge trimmer, However, all these are not issues. That way, you will have an even grass, and you might even do a better job than with some lawnmowers since this way there's no extra moves and rapid motions. Petrol-powered hedge trimmers come with more power than any other trimmers & they are ideal for trimming large hedges, mostly used by professionals. This tool has a two-stroke engine that needs fuel in 50:1 ratio, which means it has less carbon emission. You can use such a machine virtually anywhere without worrying about a nearby power outlet. It packs an 18 V lithium ion battery which is interchangeable with all Bosch garden electronics. 1. The working time you get out of a 5-amp battery is up to 50 minutes as long as you don’t load it too heavily. What makes it even more comfortable is a low weight of 5.3 kg. Moreover, the machine also comes with an auto choke system for quick startup. Up next, we have a tremendous Terratek cordless hedge trimmer with an extendable telescopic pole. The machine never struggles at any of the angles due to its powerful engine and triple edge blades. The VonHaus Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a powerful and lightweight trimmer with 45cm dual-action laser cut blades for a fast cutting action. How Thick a Branch Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut? Petrol hedge trimmers could require assembly or can come as an assembled unit. 1. But, you know that it should take good care to keep its perfect look. Terratek Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer -, Makita DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer (Body Only), 18 V, 52 cm*. Due to such practical features, HT 5622 is a suitable purchase for beginners. Petrol powered trimmers are way more powerful comparing any electric or cordless hedge trimmer. But they are loud. To keep the engine running at any constant speed, you can use a throttle lock. Buyer's Guide. is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Too Much Mess: The final disadvantage of petrol trimmers is that the machine always causes a mess. As for our runner-up, we present you with the powerful Flymo Corded Trimmer that does not disappoint. You'll be able to cut precisely and tackle projects quickly, without any interruptions. Just a quick note before we rush into the reviews. When electric trimmers are used on thick wood, a lot of strain will be on the motor, and this tends to weaken it over time. 2. Its two-stroke engine runs at a maximum RPM of 4390, which is almost double than comparisons. Best Hedge Trimmer for Thick Branches: Buying Guide. Our experts have checked and compared different comparisons, proficiency tests, and cordless hedge trimmer tests on the Internet to ultimately create a table with a comparison table that contains measurements, weight, and running time and much more for you to choose from and a current overview. Compact, lightweight and powerful; The Makita EH7500W is our first recommendation, it has all the features that make it one of the best gardening tools available in the UK market. You should consider some of the factors before choosing a petrol hedge trimmer. Home » Garden » Hedge Trimmer » Top 5 List of the Best Hedge Trimmer for Thick Branches Hedge Trimmer / February 18, 2020 by Sean / Leave a Comment If you enjoy having patio or garden parties in the summer, you probably already know about the pain that goes along with preparing for them. Petrol hedge trimmers can be used anywhere and will tackle any type, length or number of hedges – as long as you have fuel. Due to the advanced manufacturing process, Einhell produces one of the longest-running gardening blades for their hedge hammers. 4. Can You Cut Long Grass With a Hedge Trimmer? HT5622 doesn’t have a flashy patch on its face, but the machine is very easy to use. Whether you have a small or medium-sized garden, you can easily carry the machine around hedges without feeling tired. Corded or cordless hedge trimmers are great for hedges wherein they don’t have to deal with thick branches or extra dense shrubs. “Life is about choices. All thanks to its robust engine and low gravity, the trimmer is efficient as well as easy to use. BLACK+DECKER HH2455 3.3-Amp HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer. Required fields are marked *. Top Cordless Lawn Mowers to Buy in UK 2020, Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers (UK) Reviews, Best Cordless Impact Driver UK (Reviews 2020), Best Cordless Hammer Drills 2020 (Reviews), Complete Led Grow Tent Kits UK (Hydroponic Grow System), Long reciprocating blade for quick results, Comes from a reputable and reliable brand, A powerful gardening tool that easily cuts through thick branches, Decent blade length for a productive hedge trimming session, Powerful engine to deal with all the tough branches, Dual-action blades for desired cutting results, Easy to start even after an entire season, Powerful engine for fast and efficient trimming, Adjustable handle and anti-vibration system, Rotational handle for improved convenience, Efficient and release a low amount of carbon, Powerful to deal with all the shrubs and plants, Soft start that reduces the startup effort up to 40 per cent, A powerful engine that produces low carbon emissions, Three cutting edges for improved productivity, Five positioning handle makes it convenient to use, Dual reciprocating blades for fast and precise cuts, The significant fuel tank needs less refuelling. Budget: Buying the cheapest option is not a great idea when we talk about gardening products like a hedge trimmer. Powerful by nature, such tools complete the gardening tasks quickly and efficiently. This Ryobi trimmer is easy to start and never releases a high amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The trimmer is heavy, but its ergonomic handle gives you a firm grip. WR6 6TU. Overall, The Einhell hedge cutter comes with all the high-quality features to serve you well but never asks much in return. Einhell GE-PH 2555 A encases both the qualities; its affordable and comes with a robust double reciprocating blade. Still, this one has a 52 cm blade, long enough to cut any branches and ideal for hedges. It has a strong 450 W motor that will provide you with enough energy to incessantly cut around your garden with no problems. If you can't make the time for the reviews, take a look at the best three hedge trimmers that money can buy. If you're looking to help yourself clean your garden, update your gardening kit with a new, brand and exciting product, and decorate it in a way you see fit, buy one of these products and you will not be disappointed. It cuts through thick grass with ease, ... With a cutting width of 39.5 cm, you can effectively cut branches as thick as 25 millimetres in diameter. We do not specifically market to children under 13. If you enjoy having patio or garden parties in the summer, you probably already know about the pain that goes along with preparing for them. Hence, you should be serious about hedges before you choose it. Unlike many models, this one is light and easy to manoeuvre, so you can use it to cut the sides of a hedge as well as the top. ParkerBrand 26CC 24″ Petrol Hedge Trimmer. 3. Parker 26CC 24″ PETROL HEDGE TRIMMER. It's designed with unique teeth on the front of the blade which enables it to cut through thicker bushes with ease. Means that the handle should be ergonomic and adjustable at different positions. That is why you should look for trimmers that are 45-60 cm long and have a cutting diameter of at least 25 mm. This hedge trimmer is able to cut through branches up to 3/8 inch thick, which makes it the perfect tool for trimming bushes and hedges within your garden, which may need pruning on a frequent basis.
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