Here's some data for you to consider from my fitbit: Running Average Heart Rate 149 Calories Burned - 527 Cool Down Time 5 … Some elliptical machines tell you how much work you have done in revolutions per minute, or RPMs, rather than miles. My easy days are usually around 80 minutes with an average HR around 120. = 45 min. The result is 5.7 miles. = 30 X = (X = 45 ÷ 30 ) = 1.5 miles 1 mile X miles 1 x 45 “walked” Converting minutes of physical activity to miles walked: Exercise Equivalent: ycling/iking (13 mph) for 7 miles = 1 mile “walked” You bike for 5 miles and want to convert that activity to miles: Running appears to take more effort. CONVERT YOUR ACTIVITY TO STEPS Multiply the number of minutes of activity by the equivalent steps per minute listed below. If this information is not helpful to you in understanding how far you are going when you exercise, you can easily calculate an estimate of the distance you are traveling in miles. convert that activity to miles: 30 min. The easiest conversion is time at an effort. I can run 3 miles in 30 miles and do 2 miles in 30 minutes on my elliptical. I run 4 times per week and use the elliptical 2 Times. Determine the running equivalent by dividing the distance (20 miles) by the conversion divider for 15-mph (3.5). Not at all. Activities to Steps Conversion Chart To convert your activity time from minutes to steps, simply multiply the number ... Elliptical machine 249 ... Running, 8 minute mile 278 Running, 10 minute mile 222 Running, 12 minute mile 178 Scuba diving 212 Shoveling snow 133 Of course you can go faster on a bike than running for 10K, and you don't compare, well I can ride at 15MPH on the bike, but only 8MPH on a treadmill, in the same way you shouldn't compare elliptical to the treadmill speeds/distance for a … This is assuming a good incline and resistance is used of course. Activity Steps/Min Aerobic dancing class 127 Aerobic fitness class 181 Aerobics, low impact 125 Aerobics, step 153 Auto repair (light to moderate) 71-91 In a classic study comparing energy expenditure of exercise machines, the order of calories burned, from highest to lowest, is posted below. Elliptical running conversion is an ideal choice for your running activities, if you follow this guideline and try to your exercise I am sure that you will get lots of health benefits and improve your running … Both the elliptical and running burn substantially more calories than the bike at the same level of perceived exertion (about 200-240 calories per hour more). So if I do 80 minutes on the elliptical (or in the pool) with an avg. For example, 30 minutes of ping pong is equivalent to 3,480 steps. For example, riding 20 miles at 15 mph burns 620 calories (20 miles X 31 calories per mile = 620 calories). The conversion is roughly 7 miles running to 8 on the elliptical. Its more as a low impact workout (while running is obviously moderate to high impact based on treadmill vs. outdoor). This means that cycling 20 miles at 15 mph burns as many calories as running 5.7 miles. It probably falls somewhere between running and biking. 3 miles running is very different from 3 miles doing a cross training workout. The elliptical is great for maintaining fitness required to be a runner, but it is not a substitute for running. 8 miles of running is about 12,000 strides on the elliptical. Because of lack of wind resistance while running on a treadmill, the effort of running on a treadmill at 0% incline is less than that of running on a level road at the same pace.
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