There are a couple of differences between the heater matrix fitted to the Mk1 (NA) and the Mk1 (NB). i was told if i took the pipes off the heater matric i could braeak the clips, leading to have to buy a kit from vauxhall which doesnt include the heater matrix and also costing 60 quid!!! Additional Information. My son has a leak on the pipe joint between the heater matrix and the pipe that comes through the bulkhead from the engine.The engine coolant drips into the driver's foot well. Horn - High Tone Single Wire. Thread starter NICKO; Start date 25 May 2016; Tags engine heater matrix pipes spare; NICKO. Done this way round, there is no possibility of getting air trapped in the matrix, as the upper connection goes to the "Suck" side of the water pump. 25 May 2016 #1 I'm after the two pipes that run around the back of the engine to the heater matrix, has anyone got them spare? The trouble being you'll still need to remove dash to remove/loosen the heater core vauxhall vectra c 1.9 diesel some saab's water coolant hose pipe heater matrix. 16 years Driving Instructor & 9 years Fleet Trainer Special Price £10.81 £9.01 Regular Price £12.17. £2.02 (Excl VAT) £2.42 (Incl VAT) Add Items to Cart Quantity: OR. Is days to return an items when the buyer changed a mind after the day that they receive the item Ahh I see you have an early version , yes those pipe twist apart. The outlet pipes are made in brass for longevity. 2: Removing the heater matrix. Pipe to thermostat is getting hot but no coolant in there and have no flow because the thermostat isn't opening, so i'm assuming a blockage in the heater matrix again. CLICK HERE FOR COVID-19 UPDATES // NO SHOP COLLECTIONS OR VISITS. Made in the UK for SSP. Thanks 27th February 2015, 15:46 #2. puppet. ... to the water pump there is a bleed screw there well mine did it was 2002 kangoo it is the same type of bleed tap as the pipe going to the heater matrix Ron just to confuse things another member may be able to elaborate Mini Headlight Stoneguards in stainless steel. Bmw e46 heater matrix pipe grommet seal gasket. In a water-valve heater, the temperature of the matrix is controlled by the amount of hot water that is sent through it; in an air-blending heater (more common in modern cars), the matrix remains at a constant temperature and warm and cool air are combined as mixing flaps open and close. When a heater matrix is made part of the system, the heated coolant passes through it, and the cabin temperature is controlled by a valve that limits the amount of coolant passing through the matrix. Ford Focus - Heater matrix pipe joint leak. Also, I think their may be an anti-vibration clamp around the pipes that holds it to the back of the case. Technically the heater is not a serviceable item, but replacement matrix’s are available. Mini Sport Alloy Heater Matrix Pipe Adapter Kit. SOURCE: heater matrix (core) removal. We removed the old O ring which appeared to have partly disintgrated. X. This is a set of two outlet pipes, includings ring seals and stainless steel bases Suitable for Classic Mini Coopers 1992 onwards 1 Kit x JEP10008SS Wood & Pickett Mini Centre Ltd. Heater Matrix cost me £10 from a scrapyard use the method to remove the heater matrix in this tutorial to obtain one. The heater will get hot whichever way the hoses are connected, but the correct way is for the pipe from the cylinder head to go to the lower heater connection. just for 2 hoses 2 clips, has anyone took the pipes off without breaking the clips and how easy is it etc pictures? BMW E46 Heater Matrix Pipe Grommet Seal Gasket 836 . X. For more information, please see our Cookies Page. ! HELP!! Push metal retaining clip to right between heater matrix feed pipes as they go through the firewall then wiggle pipes vigorously to disconnect, a small amount of coolant will come out. I … Joined 29 July 2010 Messages 244 Reaction score 0 Points 0 Location Wales Country. Classic Mini Stainless Steel Heater Matrix Outlet Pipe Kit. HEATER MATRIX 22MM PIPE DIA TH4843 Length: 400mm Width: 69mm Height: 185mm Pipe Dia: 22mm 7.145.400.070 7.145.400.003 7. These are the gaskets that sit between the heater matrix and the heater pipes on all cars from 1981 on. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. _____ This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Mini Sport Alloy Heater Matrix Pipe Adapter Kit. I will go back to the hardware store and look for the appropriate sized pipe again. Is it possible to pull the 2 pipes which go through the bulkhead away from the matrix pipes to allow clearance? After draining the system, the tank is staying full and won't pump round with the engine on. Skip to Content Sign Up/Sign In. There are 2 types of heater matrix – the early type (mine) with turned down pipes, or the later type which is slightly larger with horizontal pipes. FOR NEWS AND OFFERS, SIGN UP TO OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER +44 1273 444000 . Read the full notice here. Email to a Friend. Special Price £10.49 £8.74 Regular Price £12.00. The heating system in your car works in one of two ways, both of which have a heater matrix at their core. Remove the 2 x torx screws in the metal adaptor plate and lift off over matrix feed pipes, then remove rubber gasket in the same way. and with both the pipes on the same header tank of the rad it was a pain to clear but. The seal is made with a rubber O ring and a plastic clip that is locked round the joint. Heater Matrix take off fixing kit, cars only-fits on heater matrix to take the 2 heater pipes on L/H side of car. WTB: Heater matrix pipes. Ford Ka heater matrix (broken pipes) Discussion in 'Car Repairs / Maintenance' started by xx7024, 1 Feb 2008. xx7024. hth Pull the pipes away from the matrix towards the bulkhead. The problem is though, there is a plastic clamp of some kind holding the two pipes together so if the crack extends past that it still won't cover it entirely. Special Price AU$17.02 AU$17.02 Regular Price AU$20.46. The info elsewhere in the Panda forum re lubricating the heater blower commutator ring, along with the slightly protruding other end of the spindle, is ABSOLUTELY BANG ON!!! The in pipe to the matrix is hot and the return pipe is cold. Welcome to! Cheers. Joined: 1 Feb 2008 Messages: 1 Thanks Received: 0 Location: Manchester Country: Hi, anyone done a fix on these or, does the heater matrix come off in the engine compartment or by removing the dash ? In water-cooled systems, the heater matrix works by taking hot water from your engine through a hose when you turn on your heating system. Heater Matrix Pipes Facebook; Welcome to the brand new website! Steering Rack Rubber Boot Kit pair . Discussion Starter • #1 • May 26, 2009. twin pipe that runs from the back of the engine to the bulk head for the heater matrix. the owner had a tin of halfords rad flush so i blocked 1 pipe and filled the heater through the other pipe. This is a new genuine part. In air-blending systems, the matrix is constantly hot. Withdraw the matrix, as you pull out, tilt slightly down, you will need to push the clutch pedal down to accomplish this. when heater box was derusted it exposed a small hole evident in pics so study them carefully. Unbolt the sections and see if that gives you enough room. Re: Leak at heater matrix/pipe joint - HELP PLEASE! Loosening up the middle console didn't work out so you might as well skip that, but the key is to pull out the heater matrix a little so you have just the little bit extra space to remove the pipes. I am wondering what my options are. Pipe - Heater Matrix - part number UE3419 Rolls-Royce & Bentley Spares| IntroCar UK. worth a try before taking the dash out. 4,873 Posts . Afternoon folks, after crappy heating over winter i got myself a new matrix of this forum and thought Id crack on this afternoon. Special Price AU$15.41 AU$15.41 Regular Price AU$18.50. 13 years motor trade, 16 years motor industry. 1.8vvt heater matrix pipes The two pipes that come out of the bulkhead of the left and right pipes which ones go to the top and bottom of the back of the themostat? But its 30 degrees F outside. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. All the instructions say to remove the pipes and flush the matrix out with a hosepipe, but I haven't found anywhere saying how to get those hoses off! 6. Re: Leak at heater matrix/pipe joint - HELP PLEASE! Mini Headlight Stoneguards in stainless steel. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Explore our Heater Matrix and Hoses selection for a full range of Heater Matrix radiators to fit every classic Mini model including Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 and Mk5.. We also stock a selection of rubber heater hoses, heater cables, heater matrix pipe adapter kits and cylinder head take-offs as part of our cooling & heating range to help you maintain your Mini. The pipes going into the heater matrix are different temperatures, so I think there is a blockage. We hope you'll enjoy it! and left it for a hour or so and it did the job. They aren't very accessible and don't have any obvious clips to undo. 2006-2014 VAUXHALL CORSA D HEATER MATRIX to it in past two small holes on underside doesent affect use please see pics and my other items. Feel free to browse but we invite you to register completely free of charge in order to enjoy the full functionality of the website. Ford fiesta mk6 heater matrix coolant pipe. I dont think glueing it back on will work because of the pressure, so can i bypass the heater matrix by taking the 2 pipes which connect into the heater matrix from below, disconnecting them then joining them together- thus by passing the heater matrix altogether. This then warms up the air before it makes its way into the cabin via a number of vents. Special Price £11.59 £9.66 Regular Price £13.27. This 2006-2014 VAUXHALL CORSA D needs a good home as I am downsizing. Okay, I managed to get the pipes out (left hand drive model). The O rings are available, part number 14457680. For more information, please see our Cookies Page. The O rings that go on the end of the pipes are RE25134. 2006-2014 VAUXHALL CORSA D HEATER MATRIX 164210100 . Gasket between the heater matrix pipes and the bulkhead. £3.50 each last year. If I remember correctly, the heater pipes are actually 2 sectional pipes and are held together between the 2 sections with some small bolts. Hello dear visitor! I would love to bypass the heater core for now to buy some time. I … The Mk1 version used copper pipework that is attached to the matrix using two short lengths of rubber tubing, one end connects to the copper pipe, the other connects to the outlet of the heater matrix. kit includes 2 brass take off pipes with 2 stainless steel bases and 2 water seals. The ventilation fan forces air through the matrix. Pipe Heater Matrix - part number UE71458 Rolls-Royce & Bentley Spares| IntroCar UK. Special Price AU$15.95 AU$15.95 Regular Price AU$18.76. Horn - High Tone Single Wire. Mine was well stuck on.
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