Genre Comedy. There was a animated TV series, Problem Child (TV series), that aired in 1993 . Junior Gilbert Gottfried. 4. Problem Child 2; Problem Child 3: Junior in Love; Animated Series Edit. Problem Child: Gilbert Gottifried, Nancy Cartwright, Cree Summer, E. G. Daily, John Kassir, Benjamin Diskin, Jonathan Harris, Iona Morris Ben Jack Warden. #1051. movie. Al Capone. Michael Richards, 71 Martin Beck. PG 1 hr 21 min Jul 27th, 1990 Comedy. Gottfried was the only original cast member to be a voice actor. The film inspired two sequels: the first, Problem Child 2, was released theatrically in 1991; the second, Problem Child 3: Junior in Love, was a television film aired on NBC in 1995. Gilbert Gottfried, 65 Igor Peabody. Problem Child 2 (1991) Full Cast & Crew. You can’t leave until you answer all 10 questions! Directed by (1) Writing credits (4) Cast (57) Produced by (2) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (2) Casting By (1) Production Design by (1) Art Direction by (2) Set Decoration by (1) Costume Design by (1) Click here to see more shots of the "Problem Child" cast then and now at This dubious comedy sequel chronicles the further exploits of a sociopathic, mean-spirited and selfish brat and his father. Snakkle teamed up with Yasbeck and the foundation to reunite the cast of Ritter's cult classics Problem Child and Problem Child 2 after 22 years. John Ritter. Big Ben Michael Oliver. John Ritter (1948-2003) Benjamin . Michael and Ivyann Re-create the Iconic Movie Poster from "Problem Child 2" … Rating PG #1051. movie. … Problem Child Cast and Crew "Attila the Hun. The film spawned sequels called Problem Child 2 and Problem Child 3: Junior in Love, the latter being a TV film aired on NBC. Problem Child (1990) ← Back to main. TMDb Score. 3. The overall chemistry of the cast really shines through too. Boost Released July 27, 1990. This time though, the monster boy meets his match with an equally terrifying little girl and together the two cause all kinds of malevolent and lowbrow mischief. Boost Cast. They were all seven once." The first one brought back the original cast in their original roles and picked up where the first film ended. 59. 2. 1. Take a trip down memory lane with Michael Oliver, Ivyann Schwan, Amy Yasbeck, and other cast members as they re-create some of their most iconic looks from the movie in these exclusive photos. First appearance: Problem Child #14 - “Disappearance” (Cameo in Problem Child #12 - “Early Bath”) Volume 2 Characters SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Problem Child really showcases John Ritter's appeal, even in a film like this he is a great actor and is such a likable guy. Ivan the Terrible. There is only one rule on this show! Mr. Peabody Michael Richards. Cast 94.
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