Halloween: Couple Costumes Ideas

halloween costume with pumpkin

Best Cool Halloween Costumes for Couples

Hanging out with your partner and wear cool costumes is just adorable. There are plenty of occasions, when you can make fun in cute suits, but Halloween is probably one of the brightest occasions.

Top cheap and creative ideas for couple costumes for Halloween are available right here below.

1. Cop and robber. Lady can wear a short sexy skirt, stockings, the police hat and a tight-fitting T-shirt, while the only thing for your partner is a stripy pants and shirt. Not to mention, don’t forget about handcuffs.

Cop and robber halloween costume

2. Flamenco and Matador. The guy might wear short pants, a black jacket and a bright red coat. The girl will become his Matador: take on black slim leggings, high hills and add horns and a long tail to your look. Cheap and cool!

3. Voodoo people. This Halloween costume for couple is the easiest one to do. Just wear old-fashioned, dirty and cut clothes, mostly in red and black colors. Wearing bright makeup for both of you is also essential.

4. Clowns. This way, you might be smiley or frightful. Find the brightest clothes with the oddest patterns you have and put on them randomly. Wigs and clown’s noses are also must-have accessories for this couple costume for Halloween.

Clowns Halloween costumes

5. Vikings. In this case you will need similar leather clothes, massive belts and knee-high boots. Complement your characters with Viking’s horns.

Vikings Halloween costumes

6. Devil and angel. The best option for guys is to wear a long red coat with a hood and color your face and arms with the bright red color. Ladies might choose a tidy white dress, wear wings a little nimbus.

Devil and angel halloween costumes

7. Spartans. This option is one of the cheapest and funniest couple costume ideas for Halloween. Tips for guys: don’t wear any T-shirt, but only a long coat for you back, find a long skirt and take a sword to protect your lady. Tips for girls: choose a white long dress; add a coat, a belt and a small crown to have an awesome look.

Spartans Halloween costumes

8. Mummies. These cool costumes will cost you just a couple of dollars. However, you are likely to be the brightest couples at the party. Just wrap your partner with toilet paper, while wrapping yourself with gauze. Wear the black and scare make-up and make your arms and legs look like they are extra dirty.

Mummies Halloween costumes

9. Zombies. The most important part of these costumes is making the bright makeup. Use cut pants, dress and make your eyes as big and scary as possible.

Zombies Halloween costumes

10. Vampires. This couple Halloween costume requires plenty of black and red clothes. Don’t forget about bloody make up and sharp teeth.

Vampires Halloween costumes



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