Hot Sex And Relationships Podcasts to Subscribe: Our Best Choice

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Top 7 Best Relationship Podcasts

It’s 2018 and now almost everyone is looking for podcasts. There are thousands of options for a wide variety of topics, suitable for every taste. However, podcasts about love and sex still remain to be the top choice for most users. What are the most popular solutions now? How can you choose the most suitable podcasts that will meet all your requirements? Here we’ve made the entire job for you! Find out a list of the coolest podcasts on sex and relationship you might subscribe right now.

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7 Best Podcasts About Sex and Dating

1. Modern Love. Being the most intimate podcast from out list, Modern Love attracts hundreds of subscribers with its cool performance. If you are a fan of New York Times column with the similar title, you definitely need to try this podcast, read by a wide variety of pop personas. Not to mention, you can also enjoy listening a brief interview with every essayist before the main subject.

2. The Heart. If you are looking for a top-notch quality product, don’t miss this great option. The Heart can boast perfect sound, different voices and can make you feel diving in the reality you are listening to. What might happen, when you suddenly fall in love with your best friend? How to explore your sexuality? This questions and much more are all available at this relationship podcast.

3. Turn Me On. This podcast is focused mostly on sex rather than relationship issues. If you are interested in dirty talks about polyamory, seduction and kink, Turn Me On might become number one among your favorite podcasts.

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4. This Is Why You Are Single. The podcast is a real treasure for those, who want to know more about psychology, understand the nature of different relationships and find plenty of handy tips for dozens of most common dating issues.

5. Dear Sugar. The podcast is bringing Cheryl Strayed’s most popular book to life. The podcast fits perfectly those, who are investigating the darkest and deepest questions about successful relationships and love. No taboos here!

6. Bawdy Storytelling. The podcasts is an unlimited source of different real-life stories about sex. It is incredibly funny, curious and even touching. A great choice of stories will definitely suit almost every person.

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7. Reality Bytes. Are you fond of online dating? Explore an amazing podcast with numerous stories about dating, sex and long-term relationship in cute and funny manner.



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