Man nicknamed the King of Tinder ‘stole £130,000 from wealthy but lonely women

King of Tinder

Beware of online dating scams: Man nicknamed the King of Tinder ‘stole £130,000 from wealthy but lonely women

Thousands of people have already met their partners using online dating websites. Since these web resources remain to be incredibly popular, hundreds of rascals are looking for their victims in dating apps. Starting from most common frauds to tricking money, the users should always take care of their security. Even in case you are using a paid account, you might still face roguery. The new accidents of fraud have been still happening from time to time; for example, the man nicknamed the King of Tinder ‘stole £130,000 from wealthy but lonely women.

Albert Cavalle Ortin, the user of a few popular online dating platforms has been recently captured and blamed for tricking women for over €100,000. He was arrested in Barcelona, Spain after several victims went to the police.

King of Tinder

According to the police officers, Ortin attracted ladies with great photographs of his face and body, as well as demonstrating the luxury way of lifestyle in the World Wide Web.

Once he got acquainted with a woman, Ortin stole her valuables or made her lend him big sums of money.  The sharper was interested only in wealthy lonely ladies. However, by the time the victims realized they had been deceived and robbed, they were usually incredibly embarrassed to complain to law enforcement.

A number of ladies still went to the police and they started to look for Ortin. Nevertheless, he continued to post his photos under various false names in different online dating solutions, including Badoo, Meetic and Tinder. The police spent a few weeks looking for the lawbreaker.

All in all, he was finally caught. Ortin is currently under arrest, having over 30 supposed victims.



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