The UK’s oldest Barbie is still struggling to find her Ken

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Barbie + Ken = love? The UK’s oldest Barbie is still struggling to find her Ken

Rachel Evans, 47, the world-known Barbie lady, who is considered the oldest looking-like-Barbie woman in the UK, is searching for a perfect match. Evans has already spent over £25,000 for plastic surgery to make her appearance and style similar to doll.

Unfortunately, the UK’s oldest Barbie is still struggling to find her Ken.

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Although Ms. Evans was in relationship with a guy of her dreams for a long time, she is currently looking for a classical Ken – cute and smart.

Rachel believes that during her transformation to the doll-looking lady she realized that the most important thing for building a healthy relationship is to love herself before falling in love with someone else.

She gained confidence and higher self-esteem and is currently ready to meet her Ken. Although the life of the oldest Barbie is full of fashion, glamour and parties, she feels lonely.

However, Ms. Evans is not going to lower her requirements and will look for a perfect partner as long, as needed.

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Rachel had some issues with her identity in youth and even changed several looks (from china doll to Goth). Reaching the age of 30, she finally found a perfect look for herself – Barbie doll. Since then Rachel experimented with botox, lip and cheek fillers, rhinoplasty and other procedures.

Nevertheless, Rachel Evans will continue improving her appearance, since she wants to look always perfect.



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