Women are likely to have their best orgasms at 36

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Women are likely to have their best orgasms at 36, according to the new study

Most women do not want to get older. Some of them are keeping their true age in secret, someone tries to look younger with the help of surgery, while the others use all these day and night anti-wrinkle crèmes, lotions and peeling masks. However, every age has its special benefits. What is the best advantage of being a woman in thirties? The new study proves that it is bright and awesome sex: women are likely to have their best orgasms at 36.

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The new study, provided by Natural Cycles, an application for natural contraception, unveils the truth about the best orgasms in the life of a woman. Over 2,500 women took part in the research. They were divided into three different age groups: under 23, 23-36 and 36 and above. What benefits could boast the oldest age group? These are higher attractiveness, bright orgasms and good sex.

What are the reasons of such an awesome sexual life of those who are 36+?

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  • The most important factor for having healthy relationship, as well as awesome sex, is being confident. Ladies in their thirties already know their strong points and little imperfections and are able to have the best look possible. They got used with themselves, they already tried different styles and looks and have finally chosen the best possible options.
  • Women over 36 definitely know what they want. They know their bodies perfectly and can show their partners the best techniques for having incredible pleasure. Furthermore, women feel free with their sexual preferences and are usually ready for more experiments.
  • Their levels of hormones are stable. Younger ladies often suffer from hormone splashes that lead to bad mood, menstrual cramps and acne. Giving birth to kids, which usually happens in the age range of 23-36 is usually also stressful.

However, if you are younger or older 36, you might still have good sex. The key to the successful sexual life is just loving yourself; feeling confident and happy!



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