Am I Ready For a Marriage?

bride sitting on a bench

Do you want to know if you are ready for marriage? It may be confusing considering the opinions of friends and family. It is best to make an informed decision that is reliable and accurate. You can be confident in knowing that your choices are based on a precisely accurate analysis of your emotional status. Marriage is not a project you want to try without adequate preparation. You may end up throwing a lifetime to waste and live in agony without intent as the years go by. It is best if you first get it right before getting into it.

The trick is to answer a few questions about your life that will help you assess your status. These questions are based on marriage preparation. Your choices will depict your level of readiness and they are agreeable by most people. They are based on expert definitions from marriage counselors and are convenient at any time. You may also take it repeatedly whenever you are not sure about your preparations. Before you say ‘I do’ try this check list.

1. How much time do you allocate for spending by yourself?
2. Which statement shows your feelings about finances?
3. How do you view your joint financial situation?
4. What would you do if your partner were careless like leave socks on the floor?
5. What is your view on Chores?
6. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
7. What is your take on children?
8. What is your Religious Affiliations?
9. Do you think or call exes?
10. How much do you have in common with your partner?

Results will be based on the choices you made according to the arrangement. Each stream of answers indicated a certain condition of a relationship. They were divided into A, B, and C to allow you make distinct choices. If you answered truthfully, the results will be accurate and a true depiction of your condition before you say ‘I do’.



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