Are You A Bad Girlfriend?


Is there a lot of drama in your relationship? Do you think there is a problem between you too? You might think that your partner is the main culprit but take a moment and think if it were actually you who is causing problems in the relation. It happens sometimes a person does not realize what he is doing. This can lead to damage in the relationship. It is also natural for you to think that the partner is the person responsible for all the wrongs. It happens to most of the people. It is because of the mindset you have and the line you have stretched around you that does not let you think of anything else.

These are the simple daily routine questions that will determine if you have been a good or a bad girlfriend. It will help to manage everything in a manner that you will be able to get things together to have a smooth relationship. Your love life will be more interesting and fun. If you want to bring the charm back you should take this test.

1. What do you think your partner should be like?
2. What will you do if his mother or father will come one day at your house and ask to stay for some nights?
3. What is it that you want the most?
4. What would you do if he is not able to spend money on you?
5. What will happen if you partner will go on the floor to dance with your friend?
6. What will be your reaction if some stranger is talking badly to your boyfriend?
7. What type of person are you?
8. What do you do when he is talking to you while you are watching your show?
9. How much time do you like to spend with your partner?
10. Does breaking up with him comes to your mind?


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