Are You an Independent Woman?


An independent woman is a woman who can support other woman and easily pay all his expenses. An independent woman can face all the problems of life independently and can think and speak what they want to. An independent woman is one who never sacrifice his dreams, and is not afraid of being selfish. She never compromise for her happiness and she knows well that there are many things that matter more than love and emotions. An independent woman pays her half of the checks and can afford the rent of the house. She can purchase the groceries with her own paycheck. She is not dependent on her partner and she love her teammates. The independence of the woman does not depend up on the relationship but it depends on the strength and energy the woman has. The amount of energy accomplished by the woman during the day decide the status of the woman. Many women think that they are independent but it is not so. They can make decisions of their own but are not independent.

1. What is your action when you know that you have to do certain thing?
2. What you will do when things get screwed up?
3. What is your reaction when someone praises you?
4. What you do if you know that a certain task will not be performed by me?
5. Do you need constant validation on social media?
6. If your team leader is absent from the job what will be your reaction?
7. If you know that the member of your team has not performed well then what will be your reaction?
8. Do you wait for your partner to come and take you out for shopping?Your new question!
9. Have you ever invest something on yourself to make yourself better?
10. Do you like to take calculated risks in your life?


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