Are You Good At Flirting With Guys?


It’s not tricky to learn that you are good at flirting guys or not. Do you feel awkward and nervous about flirting? If not then you can be good at flirting with guys. Flirting may give you a bundle of benefits in addition to fun. After the tiring day at the office or a college, you need a break. You may look to go out with friends and spend a happy hour with them. It feels good to know other men who are outside your circle. Flirting can bring fruits too. It can encourage you to become better than others. It can enhance confidence in you. When you want that you may be noticed by other men, it will help you to groom your personality.

You may get a chance to eat healthy foods in the restaurants, enjoy high-class fizzy drinks of your choice. Flirting is good as long as you are conscious about it. When you come across a person you like stare into his eyes closely, lock eyes with him. Then you need to slowly look away if he starts talking with you. If you repeat the words or phrases he says, he will be caught in your magic soon. These gestures work great in flirting. The most important thing is to maintain deep eye contact. It will remind him of you when you will leave him. Smiling, laughing and enchanting also creates bomb blasts in the minds of the guys you are flirting. They love to hear you laughing and enjoying. Are you good at flirting with guys? We have brought for you a quiz that will help you find an answer to this question. You need to be honest while answering the questions.

1. Do you like to be noticed by other guys?
2. Do you like to get ready for parties?
3. Do you love to make guys chasing you?
4. Are you happy when guys praise you?
5. Do you receive calls often from guys?
6. Do you like when a guy buys you a drink in the bar during party?
7. Have you noticed many guys looking for you or searching for you or guys waiting for you to spend time together? Do Guys present you gifts and buy you tickets or ask you for rides?
8. Have you managed to bring guys to do tasks for you and in return they want to take you for a dinner or a date?
9. What are the comments of your friends and family about your personality? Do your friends say you that you are good at flirting with guys?
10. What would be the first thing you do when you get a chance to be with a guy?

It’s been suspense till now. I know you are going crazy to look at the results. This result will reveal a secret about your personality. If you have honestly answered all the questions then get ready to know about yourself.



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