Are You Good In Bed?

couple in bed holding by hands

Being good in bed is something that we all dream of. Well, it is a relative term and solely depends on your partner’s needs, desires and urges. One can go on for hours and yet not get the climax while some may just get there within half an hour or less.

Self-confidence is an important part that affects your performance. There are many other factors as well that can directly affect your performance in bed. It can be your mental state of mind, your surroundings, your physical health and your partner’s moods and desires. Your performance is an important part as well but what makes it better is your knowledge about your partner’s spots and zones that you can exploit to rock their world. If you want to know about how good you are in bed, be honest in answer the below-mentioned questions. It will help you to know about your overall performance and how to improve it even more.

1. How much confidence do you have on the fact that you can easily satisfy your partner in bed?
2. Does your partner love to be with you at all times and never says ‘no’ while having some passionate and intimate moments together?
3. How much does your partner respond and woo out of pleasure when you are performing at bed?
4. Does your partner loses his/her sanity and wants you to try out a variety of moves and poses to get pleased?
5. Do you always perform spontaneously without taking a sudden break that can change or destroy the passionate mood of your partner?
6. Do you know all the secret points of your partner and can tap into the erogenous zones of your partner whenever you two are having an intimate moment?
7. Do you receive appreciations and rewards as a token from your partner for making your partner go crazy during your intimate moments?
8. Do you prefer to take your time and pay attention to making your partner comfortable at first before jumping on to the climax act?
9. How often do you talk about your sexual interaction with your partner and try using those talks to become more passionate with each coming session?
10. How often do you prefer to interact with your partner with love as well as the sexual desires you have in your heart?

The performance in bed is often an integral part of a romantic relationship. It helps the pair to bond better and be with each other together with satisfaction. It is thus necessary to know if you can keep up the performance necessary to keep your partner satiated at all times. Sexual interaction while pouring all the love you have for your partner is always of prime importance and directly affects your performance. Let us now take a look at what your answers tell about how good you are in bed.



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