Are You Happy in Your Relationship?

Couple dancing and kissing in kitchen

This quiz is developed to guide you towards making an informed decision about what to do in your relationship. When you finish answering the question, you will be able to know the type of relationship you are in as well as what action you should take.

1. Are you comfortable around him or are you always scared that anything could go wrong the next moment?
2. Does he destroy your things like collecting and smashing your phone when he observes you talking to someone of the opposite gender?
3. Does he try to separate you from your friends and from the things you love to do?
4. Is he very controlling, like deciding how you look or what you wear?
5. Does he ever find anything you do fine or he always blames you for everything that happens, whether right or wrong?
6. Has he ever beaten you up or attempted to beat you (slaps, punch, chokes, shoves, pushes, hold you down or throw things at you?
7. Is he manipulative and always makes you do what you don’t want to do either subtly or by force?
8. Can you express yourself freely when you are with him or you are always careful about what you say and do when around him?
9. Does he accuse you of flirting and cheating with other guys?
10. Does he respect and is always pleased to meet your family and friends?

Variants of the Results
After truthfully answering those questions, you can now proceed to use the explanations below to get the deductions. The deductions are real and we will suggest you take it seriously. This is because your happiness can only be based on the type of relationship that you have.



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