Are You In Love?

a man and a woman with air ballon

First sight crush can be confused with love because your feelings are not in your control and you are attracted to that special individual. These feelings can be of one true love but it can be just obsession or strong liking for someone. Love is so elusive and it is quite hard to filter out the exact feelings. Emotions can be triggered by the hot physique or charming personality and you are just attracted to the sexy body or sometimes, emotions are beyond physical experience and you are truly in love with the other person. In the early stages, you can’t differentiate whether he is the one you want to spend your rest of the life or he is just a passing crush and if he disappears you won’t get affected. All these questions and confusions can be cleared by taking our carefully designed questionnaire.

1.What is the effect of his presence on you?
2.Do you like to do small things especially for him?
3.What do you guys talk about when you two are together? What is the nature of the conversation?
4.What are your feelings when you think about him?
5.Which of the scenario fits your profile?
6.Do you feel comfortable around him like no makeup or fancy outfits?
7.How well do you know him?
8.What are your feelings after you met him?
9.Do you still think about your past relationship?
10.How do you react when he does something stupid?


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