Are You Over Him/Her?

a blonde hugging a man with tatoos

Were you in a great and fantastic relationship that just suddenly crashed due to a mistake or a rash decision by one or both of you? Or perhaps, it had been obvious the relationship was going to end and was only a matter of time, and now the time is up? However, you are not sure if you are really over him or not. Maybe you are confused or you are trying to weigh your decision on what to do next with regard to moving on or not.

1. How frequently do you think about him or her?
2. Whenever a love song is being played, do you remember him?
3. How long ago was the breakup?
4. Has do you feel when he contacts you or how would you feel if he does?
5. Do you have kids together?
6. Do you cry because of him?
7. Do you try to not think about him or her?
8. Do you think about him or her before you sleep?
9. If he asks for you to come back to him or her, how would you react?
10. Are you hoping to start another relationship anytime soon?

Variants of the Result
If those questions have been truthfully answered from the depth of your heart, you might already have an idea about if you are really over him or not. The question focused on how you are currently feeling about the person in the relationship. We believe the feelings are based on the relationship both of you had while you are together. Hence, these feelings will decide if you will ever truly get over him or not. However, in order to remove any another doubt that you might be having, we are going to spell the answers out in full.



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