Are You With The Man You Should Marry?

a man making a proposal

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There is nothing new that marriage is the one of the most responsible steps in people’s lives. Love, respect, mutual support and understanding are the keys for any successful marriage. However, you might easily have all the above in your relationship, but still hesitate, whether you should marry that guy. Is it possible to know, whether your marriage will become happy beforehand? Are you likely to live happily ever after? Although this question is too personal issue for making any advice, we’ve collected just a few questions to help you understand your feelings and find the answer to the question ‘Are you with the guy you should marry?’

1.You’ve got an invitation to the marriage of your cousin. What will you do?
2.What is your parents’ and friends’ attitude to your partner?
3. You had a really bad mood and want to stay in the bad all day long. How does your crush react?
4. You have a really great job offer in another city, how your partner reacts on this news?
5. Does your boyfriend help you with household chores?
6. You are suddenly ill and have a high temperature. What will your boyfriend do?
7. How much time do you feel absolutely happy with your boyfriend?
8. Do you talk about your future?
9. What is about your sex life?
10. How does your partner act around the kids?


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