Is It Sexual Tension?

couple talking and laughing while sitting in cafe

Love or feeling attracted towards someone is not something that you can hide. If the person is in the room, you feel like you need to talk to them and stay as close to them as possible. You might be blushing or feeling a little vulnerable on the side of emotions. If the feelings are this strong, you need to know for sure whether is this sexual tension between you two or not. We have made a list of questions that will tell you how honest these feelings are and whether the significant other is interested in you or not.

1. Eye Contact:
2. Awkward Conversations:
3. Distraction:
4. Day-dreaming:
5. Kissing:
6. Body Language:
7. Flirting:
8. Smiling:
9. Horny:
10. Change in voice tone:
11. Response to the touch:


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