Does He Love You?

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It is often a common question that strikes the heart of the ladies. Some of his behavior may directly affect your feelings and make you ponder on the fact if he really loves you or not. While confronting him with the question will get you the same reply, you can try out to read him subconsciously to know what he really feels for you. Take on the quiz that comes next and tries to answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

1. When and under what circumstances did he convey that he loves you for the first time?
2. How much on an average do you two talk of the future, make plans or try to have visions of how the future will be like when you two are together?
3. How often does he express his love to you and what are the modes he uses to convey his feeling to you?
4. How aligned are his actions to his words (actions say a lot more than words)?
5. Does he like you the way you naturally are or you need to put on makeup or use clothes to gain his attention?
6. How much does he try to make you feel happy and comfort you with the fact that he is always with you?
7. How much does he respect your feelings, emotions, and values especially when both of you are in public?
8. Does he keep a lot of secrets and always banters about his personal space and privacy to keep you off his tail?
9. How much importance does he give to you in front of his friends or family members?
10. How much does he involve you in the general decision-making processes of his life and how much does he value your insights and advice?

We hope that you have honestly answered the above-mentioned questions. Depending on those questions, it can be easy to find out how he actually feels about you. Let us look into what each of the answers stands for.



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