Does My Husband Love Me?

couple walking and holding by hands

Marriages are the sacred relationship and have a great impact on your life. Couples love to spend their eternity in the arms of each other. They stay by the side of each other through every thick and thin but sometimes marriages can become tough because of some misunderstandings. The question may come to your mind that your husband still loves you or the love has faded away with the passage of time. Does he really value the relationship and making the efforts to keep the love alive or he is taking the marriage for granted. All your confusions will be cleared if you answer our questionnaire honestly.

1.Does he make any efforts to keep the things interested?
2.How is your sex life?
3.Does he remember your birthday and wedding anniversary?
4.Does he call you from office or business?
5.How do you mend the relationship after the fight?
6.Does he make special plans for holidays?
7.Does he specifically say the three words “I Love you” to you?
8.Does he look passionately in your eyes whenever you to are together? Do you feel aroused by his looks?
9.Does he cook anything special for you?
10.Does he compliment you?


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