Is He Cheating On You?

a couple talking

Whether you are just in a new relationship or you, have been together for years. This one question keeps bugging you all the time. You need to be certain if your partner is cheating with you or not.
We’re are just trying to help you to stay on the safe side, and this quiz will disclose if your speculations about your partner are right or wrong. Is your heart already pumping really fast? It’s okay we understand what you’re going through. Let’s find out if you’re right or wrong.

1. Does he appreciate you when you do something for him?
2. Whenever you do something special for him, like on special occasions, such your wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary, being together anniversary, your birthdays or Valentine’s Day, does he repeat in the same way for you?
3. How much quality time you spend with each other? We understand with the work routines these days it is impossible to spend hours and hours together but do you people spend any quality time together? Like going out together for dinner? Just you two? Going to movies? Long drives? Anything?
4. Does he pay attention to you when your complaining about not getting enough attention?
5. Does he fancy other women when you’re around?
6. Has he ever confronted you or accepted that he is not into you anymore?
7. How do you feel about your relationship?
8. Do you people have a communication gap?
9. Does he tell you when he is upset about something with you?
10. Does your partner talk to you about your relationship at all?

You already spook a lot about your relationship. We hope you picked your answers truthfully and wisely. Now let’s look into the interpretations of your answers!



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