Is He Losing Interest in Me?

couple sitting with backs to each other

Welcome to the relationship analyzer!

You meet the perfect match, feel attracted to that particular person, and just like that you two are inseparable now. You spend all the time together loving and adoring each other. You feel a great connection and started planning the promising future. When everything was going right on track, all of the sudden you feel the positive vibes withering away. He has started to ignore you and does not put the efforts into the relationship like he used to do in the past. You are now confused that where the relationship has taken the wrong turn and just make sure you are deducing the right assumptions we have made a variety of questions for you. As long as you are honest, this quiz will surely clear all the confusions.

1. How much time do you two guys spend together?
2. Does he mention any kind of issues of problems in the relationship?
3. Do you sort out the arguments you guys are having?
4. How is your sex life?
5. Do you feel any emotional barrier whenever you guys are talking?
6. Is he ignoring you lately?
7. Have you noticed any kind of changes in him since you guys meet?
8. What would be your instant reaction if you find out that he is actually losing interest in you?
9. Do you feel like exploited just for sex in the name of relationship?
10. Does he take you out on dinners or long drives?


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