Is He Teasing or Flirting?

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It gets to a time in our life when we are only interested in serious relationships. For some people, it could mean they had been in previous relationships just to catch fun. For other people, it could be their first relationship. They are not cut out for all those youthful exuberance and they wish that the first person they are going to trust with their heart will be the final one. You are at this stage and there is someone that seems to be interested in you and you are also getting interested. However, you want to be sure that this other person is for real before you really put yourself into the relationship. It is for this reason that we have created this quiz. In most cases, it is the ladies that always find their selves in this situation, so we have used ‘he’ during the question. However, the questions are still very apt for guys who want to find out if their female partner is also teasing or flirting with them. When she does all of these more than you do or almost as much, you can be sure she really wants you. In an ideal situation, it should be difficult answering most of the question as it would look like she calls almost as much as he calls and every other factor. It means both of you want each other and are trying to contribute to the relationship.

1. Who calls more frequently?
2. Does he inconvenience himself for you, or go out of his way to do something for you?
3. Does he invite you on dates frequently?
4. Does he engage in public display of affection with you?
5. When both of you do not reach an agreement, who compromises more?
6. Does he always do whatever he says he would do for you?
7. How often do you guys see?
8. Does he try to make you laugh by cracking jokes while observing if you laugh at the jokes?
9. Does he talk to you about his future and does he bring you into it?
10. Does he introduce you to his friends?

Variants of the Result
Now that you have gone through the questions and answered them truthfully, the answers are going to influence what our final deduction will be. The questions were asked based on how he relates to you. It is possible for a person to profess love with the mouth. It is, however, only through his actions that you can really know if he meant what he said or not. Thus, if he is teasing you or flirting with you can be deduced based on your answers to the questions as noted below.



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