Is It Love At First Sight?

smiling couple in cafe

Did you just see someone and felt like a compelling magnet to her or him? Did you just feel like violins are playing in your mind? You feel a different kind of energy being around that one person, right? Now you’re wondering if you’re in love already!

For someone who is a non-believer in the phenomenon of love at first site. It is obviously difficult to understand and believe it’s real. Now to find out if your feelings, sensations, thoughts, and what you’re facing is all real all not. This is going to be so much fun!

1. Do you feel like you want to see him/her all the time?
2. Do you imagine yourself and your love at first sight in the future?
3. How much do you care for him/her?
4. Do you want him/her to meet your family? You parents?
5. Do you talk to each other? Are you starting to know him/her better?
6. How much do you think you know him/her as a friend?
7. Have you people started to hang out with each other? Do you enjoy her/his company?
8. Have you shared your feelings with her?
9. How strong are your feelings? If she/he doesn’t give you a positive response how long can you hang in there trying to get her/his attention?
10. Does he/she appreciate you?

Good job! Now let’s see if all that in your head made any sense when it comes to love or not. Every option you chose led us to interpret your condition at the moment.



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