Is My Relationship Healthy?

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How is your relationship working out? Have you guys been together for a few weeks now and are on the touchy-feely mode of the relationship? Or have you past that stage a long time ago and have had a few scratchy-bleedy moments in your relationship? See if you are in any one of these two or even somewhere between these two you need to check whether your relationship is healthy or not. A healthy relationship promises a lot and makes people grow together. If you have a healthy relationship then half of your problems would automatically fade away because of the positive attitude you’ll have in life. It is all about keeping yourself charged and happy in a relationship. How your relationship is working out has a direct impact on your mood and subconsciously that affects your work and behavior.

These questions that you are going to answer are designed by experts of relationships and formulated by various renowned counselors who give relationship advice to people. This quiz is going to be a life-changing phenomenon for you and might open your eyes to a different world. Be ready, be honest, and Go!

1. How do you react when something goes wrong?
2. If your partner does something wrong and you come to know about it, what do you do?
3. If you have to go out for some work what do you?
4. What do you do when you have had a fight with your partner?
5. Your partner gets a series of notifications about messages and is constantly chatting on the phone in front of you and smiling while reading at them. What do you do?
6. How is your take on your buying a new item?
7. How do you react if your partner comes home with a new puppy?
8. What would you do if you get to know about your partner’s affair?
9. How would you react if your partner keeps in touch their ex?
10. What do you do if your partner doesn’t inform you and comes late?

Now that you have answered all these questions, it is time to give you results. The results vary according to the options you choose between A, B or C.



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