Is She Flirting With You?

a woman in black dress fliting with a man

You got to be in some kind of trouble here. When it comes to women, it becomes really difficult to tell if they’re actually flirting with you. You might think you’re the only one in this problem, but you’re not.
Here, we have many complexities. Not all men are the same, and not women are the same. You might just have got into a new relationship, and now you’re wondering if it was all a dream? If she was actually only flirting with all the time! It could be for anything that she needed from you. Now, it’s also possible that she’s not the way you’re thinking about her. Maybe you are wrong about thinking that she’s flirting with you.

1. Does she talk to you about anything else other than only flirting with you?
2. Are you in a relationship with her?
3. How well do you think you know her?
4. What do you think she’s flirting for?
5. Does she try to attract you by wearing short dresses, acting as if she’s seducing you?
6. Did she ever admit that she’s a flirt?
7. Now there are some obvious signs that almost every woman would show if she’s flirting with you, most of the times where women are actually not flirting, but you think they are. Some women are just friendly and open, but not flirting. Now does she show you obvious signs? Like asking you out for a very cheesy romantic date night? Wine? A particularly romantic movie, not just any movie?
8. So, do you think flirting is good?
9. Does she specifically only flirt with you?
10. How often does she show other obvious signs of flirting like inviting over to home, sitting very close to you, getting closer to your face?

Now let’s find out what your flirty birdie is. Is she a true flirt bird or if you only think she is.


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