Is Your Husband A Narcissist?

a man making a selfie

Narcissism is one of the psychological conditions where the person considers himself/herself to be the most superior individual on the planet. They turn a deaf year to everyone else around them and consider what they think, know or believe is the ultimate truth of the world. It can be tough to adjust with such individuals, especially due to the fact that they turn blind due to their self-love and self-obsession.

1. How frequently do you find or feel that your husband is natural to influence other individuals with his talent?
2. Does your husband go around behaving and telling others that he is extraordinary in comparison to others around him?
3. Can you find any dominating or leadership skills in your husband’s natural behavior?
4. Does your husband has the cravings to always be in the limelight or does he crave to get compliments or likes to be complimented often?
5. How frequently does your husband involve himself about praising and boasting about his own characteristics and features?
6. How much time does your husband spend on an average in front of the mirror to embrace his beauty and looks?
7. Do you have a feeling that your husband tends to show off even those kinds of stuff that are trivial and not necessary?
8. Does your husband radiate a belief that he is a leader by birth and that he will be very successful and has a bright future?
9. Does your husband use his charm to flirt with the ones around him to manipulate them and align them to his demands?
10. Is it common for your husband to trust that none are as good as him and that he can do everything by himself and the results are going to be far better than others?

Depending on the answers you chose and the honesty of those answers, you can find out how much of narcissism does your husband hold in his heart. For this reason, it is necessary for you to come up with the best possible answers to the above questions. Depending on the answers, you can come to the ideal conclusion.


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