Is Your Relationship Over?

a wall between a man and a woman

Being in a relationship can be confusing. You do not want to be clueless about its direction because you could be headed for a big crush or happily ever after. It is good to find confidence in knowing that you are ahead of things. You do not want to be caught unawares of waste time and effort in a dying love project. For this reason, you need a checklist to measure if it is working for you so you will make an informed choice for the future. With the right questions to ask, and judging by your score, you can tell if you need to pursue and invest in the relationship or quit before you get that dreaded heartbreak.

Some people are poor detectors of the signs that there was something wrong in their relationships. Regardless of the cause for the crumbling or success of a relationship; blinding love, friends’ advice, and our ambitions may cloud our judgment. It is difficult to make sound judgment about a tiny issue conceived in a relationship, which may yield a time bomb.

1. How often do you argue?
2. When in an argument, do you both say things you do not mean in anger?
3. How long do the arguments last?
4. Do you argue about serious issues or only petty ones?
5. In your arguments, do you recover and talk it out or just yell and mess your day?
6. When its time to make major decisions, are you both involved in a discussion or is either dominating?
7. Do you both trust each other?
8. How long is your relationship?
9. When is your last date?
10. When is the last time you exchanged gifts?

The score depends on the frequency of the lettered answers. The depictions and results were therefore derived from the strategically arranged answers. To provide accurate results, these selections were separate into three predictions. If you answered the questions truthfully, you should get the accurate results.



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