Is Your Sex Drive Normal?

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Having a normal sex drive is very essential for the smooth functioning of our daily life activities. It is one of the most essential parts that hold an integral portion of our life. But a low or high sexual drive can be the result of a lot of issues and can also be responsible to set off a lot of other disorders as well. It is essential to understand the intensity of your sexual drive to have a better understanding of your life.
For this reason, we have come up with a 10-question quiz to help you understand how normal your sex drive is. Make sure that you answer the questions correctly and honestly to get the best understanding of your libido levels and analyze the root causes in case it is not normal.

1. On a regular basis, how frequently do you have the urge of engaging in any kind of sexual activity with someone you love (including intercourse, oral simulation or touching the genitals of your partner)?
2. How many times do you have sexual thoughts regarding your partner?
3. When the sexual thought strike in, how much do you wish to engage yourself in any sexual act with your partner?
4. How much the appearance of an attractive person does spark your sexual desire for that individual?
5. How much do you desire to get involved with a partner for any kind of sexual activity?
6. How much importance do you give to fulfilling your sexual desires through any kind of activity involving a partner?
7. Do you believe in satisfying your sexual desires by yourself? If so, how often are you likely to engage in any such act (including masturbation, touching the genitals, etc)?
8. How long are you comfortable to carry on without involving yourself in any kind of sexual activity?
9. If compared to the individuals of your sex and age in your circle, how desiring are you to engage in a sexual act with a partner?
10. How much importance does behaving sexually with yourself hold to fulfilling the sexual desires?

Once you have got an honest answer to the questions mentioned above, you already know that they can say a lot about your sex drive. The information on your sexual life has been derived from these questions. Let us now look into the interpretation of the answers.



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