Long Distance Relationship: Can You Trust Your Partner?

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Welcome to the trust-meter!

Getting the right partner for all life is the dream of everyone and getting into a relationship is the first step towards that goal. What would happen if the hurdle of long distance had come in your perfect relationship? The most annoying feeling is when you are not able to hold your partner and had to chat to calm your jealousy waves. If you are getting the vibes of cheating or dishonesty, don’t react too sudden without knowing all the possibilities. To help you out in the tricky situations like these, we have sorted out a few questions to make sure you are doing the right thing and you won’t have any guilt after going through the decision.

1.What is the most important thing that wakes you up at night?
2.Have you noticed anything like this when you two were staying together?
3. What is his behavior when you two are in the company of random girls?
4. What are the responses when you are not available or busy with your family?
5. What have you noticed in him when you guys are not in a relationship?
6. Does he have any bad habit or thing that annoys you the most?
7. Has He done anything like these?
8. How do you guys spend the time when you two are together?
9. What are your reactions when he mentions other girls?
10. What are his reactions when you mention random guy during your conversations?


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