Should I Get Back With My Ex?

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Let’s try to understand what kind of relationship did you have with your ex. If it was a good relationship or a bad one, what kind of effect it had on you, do you want to get back together or just need someone who can be anyone. If you think you can’t live without them or you can’t ever find someone like them then you are wrong. These are no valid arguments towards getting back with your ex, on the contrary, we have a specially designed quiz for you. This quiz will help you decide whether or not you should get back with your ex. You just have to be very honest in your opinion and keep the answers to yourself. Nobody will get to judge you or know whether or not you want your ex back, it is just something which will help you and guide you to find an answer to the question that you have in your mind.

1. Think about the time when you broke up, what was your take on the breakup?
2. Which statement shows your feelings about your ex?
3. What are the opinions of your friends and family?
4. How much time has been that you haven’t tried to contact them?
5. On a level of one to ten, what do you think about the ratio of contribution of yours compared to them in the relationship was, if we consider 5 and 5 make the perfect one.
6. Did anyone or both of you end up cheating while still in the relationship?
7. Do you have children together?
8. What would be the first thing you would do if you get back together
9. How much time do you keep yourself occupied with the thought of your ex?
10. How much did you have in common with your ex?

Now that you have very honestly answered all the questions, you should understand that the answers are going to say a lot. These questions were meant to focus on various aspects of your earlier relationship that you want to have again. It may be a good idea or bad, it totally depends upon your answers and we would suggest you take this decision wisely.



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