Should We Move in Together?

couple sitting with backs to each other and boxes around them

Has it been a long time since you both have been together? Or is it one of those situations where things have moved way to fast? Whatever may be the situation we must first understand a few things first, because moving in together is a big step. Well, on the other hand, it is stepping stone in a growing relationship and is considered as the first step towards commitment. There are many factors like compatibility, love, affection, nature, and so many other things that need to be taken into consideration while taking this step. But there is no definite guide to when should you move in together with your partner or how to know if you should or shouldn’t. It is totally going to depend upon you and only you can decide what is right for you.

1. How many clothes of yours do you think you have at their place?
2. How many times have you been asked by your partner about the idea of moving together?
3. How many people from your partner’s friend circle do you know?
4. How many people of your friend circle does your partner know of?
5. What is your financial status?
6. How much do you two argue and how do you sort this?
7. How much time of the day do you spend with each other?
8. Do you think you’ll be able to save money if you guys live together?
9. What are the habits of your partner that you don’t like?
10. How much do you think on a scale of 0-10, things that you have in common?

Once you have answered the quiz, it is time to disclose the results. Now just check which option out of A, B and C did you choose the most and read below.



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